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What’s New in Apple iPad Pro?

Now-a-days everyone is using laptops or computers to do their work. Most of the people adopt these devices because of spacious keyboard, nice design, big screen, powerful processor, etc. but there is nothing special in that. Now tablets came into market and giving tough competition to laptops, PC’s etc. They are always portable, contains big screen, extra battery power, etc. due to this they are also becoming powerful in the market.What’s New in Apple iPad Pro?

From the last four years Microsoft is designing Surface line of tablets, but now Apple want its share of the pie. Apple believes that it can do the same with its Apple iPad. Its new iPad Pro is being announced as its productivity centric tool, a tool that can help you to get your work done and also consume the content with great effort.

Features of Apple iPad Pro:

  • Design and Quality: Apple has taken the design of iPad Air and adapted the same design to the larger canvas of Apple iPad Pro. It has the diamond cut chambers which makes the iPad to look smarter. It weighs 723 grams, and 6.9mm thin which means it is thinner and lighter than Microsoft Surface Pro even though it has big screen. With its screen you can easily read the articles on web and can handle it easily with one hand whereas the Surface is heavier and uncomfortable to use.
  • Display: The display of the Apple iPad Pro brings more beauty to its design. It is one of the most advanced big screen display that is released in market with its stupendous 2048 X 2732 pixels resolution. The display sharpness is more than the sharpness of 15-inch MacBook Pro. The resolution of Apple iPad Pro helps the user to run two iPad mini apps side by side. Apple claims that it is using the technology from 5K Mac and has a variable refresh rate, i.e. it cycles between 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second for images and videos.
  • Accessories: Like Microsoft surface tablets, Apple also comes with keyboard. The keyboard is made up of fabric. With the help of keyboard one can use the iPad Pro as Mac because it supports all the shortcuts that will find on Mac, but attaching the keyboard is little bit difficult. You can also sketch on the tablet with the help of Apple pencil. This powerful tool is used for annotation, scribbling and also for drawing purpose. It also optimized apps like Notes, Mail, Paper, and Microsoft Word. The problem is that as iPad Pro consists of Bluetooth so you have to charge it again and again.
  • Software: For designing Apple iPad Pro, Apple has a done a bit to optimize Apple iOS 9 which is the Apples newest operating syste. You can pull new app from the right and enter split screen mode. You can also copy and paste across the apps. If you want to switch an app then drag down from the top and get a selection of apps that you can use in split screen mode. Apple iPad doesn’t support USB and it doesn’t have a mouse.
  • Battery Life: when compared to Surface, Android tablets or any Windows, Apple iPad Pro has excellent battery power. It can long last for 11 hours with heavy usage and it is not necessary to carry the charger.