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Use of File recovery software


Is there any good recovery tool for recovering deleted and lost files during file transfer from one device to another device?

I lost some of my reputed files in the virus healing process by the antivirus program .Am I able to recover only a particular file from the deleted set of files?

I just formatted my memory card using my mobile device .Is it good to use a recovery tool in that card for recovering files?

My flash drive shows read/write error. Is it possible to recover files from turned down flash drive?

Is there any easy way to recover files that bypassed the recycle bin?

At present deleting datas and regaining them has become one of the frequent scenarios .There are many file recovery software available in the internet market that can raise the data alive from the dead. But it’s not assured that data recovery is hundred percent possible. It depends on the memory allocation of the data. Actually when a data is saved in a drive which can be cracked into two halves one is the actual data storage in a memory location the other one is pointer to that particular data .When the data is deleted only the pointer location to the data is set to zero i.e. there are good chance of data still available in the hard drive. The recovery tool will recreate the broken pointer which ultimately helps in gaining access to that file. Choosing a good recovery tool is not a tough task.

Virus related issues:

Of course virus and vulnerability is one of the major threat to the cyber society .It is difficult to heal them in both internet and stand alone applications. And recovering datas from that ocean is a head ache process. So it is better leave it to the recovery tool itself. To recover datas from virus affected disk needs the best recovery utility .Going for full versioned recovery software will be a wise choice. And only few tools provide recovery option of files by districting the actual files with the virus files. Free ware won’t be good because it is not 100% vulnerability free. One of the tools with such facility is given below

Why read/write error?

The flash card is one of the external storage devices which are highly used for its mobility and portability which can be accessed easily though almost many devices .Since it’s a storage device any type of file can be stored it depends on the device using the cards. Sometimes the files inside the flash card are inaccessible or it may show a read/write error. This is because of the fact that the card may be read/write in excess. That is the datas may be inserted or extracted at its maximum limit. As the NAND circuits inside the flash card have reached its maximum read/write cycle .If this situation is reached it will be better option for going to recovery software program. There is only certain tool that provides options for these scenarios. One of such tool is given below.

Some key features that drive the tool to its best are

  • Ø Free from vulnerabilities including viruses and malwares and passes the important cyber standards
  • Ø Covers almost all the file deletion scenario including files bypassing recycle bin, formatting, reformatting, partitioned drives, files lost during data transfer and file deleted by antivirus programs.
  • Ø One tool is capable of recovering almost all types of file formats including user defined files
  • Ø Single tool is highly enough to recover datas from both internal and external storage drives such as Hard disks, pen drives, flash drives, memory card and fire wire drives etc.

To download and install go for the inbuilt manual and follow the installation procedure .It is not recommended for drives with HFS file system as it refers to internal memory of an iphone device.