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Tips to retrieve missing files after to Windows reinstallation

Windows is a series of OS’s manufactured by Microsoft. Windows operating-system is widely used operating system. Windows based PC gives a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for users to communicate with computer very easily. Operating system provides an interface between software program along with the computer systems, so in this way it handles as well as coordinates the usage of computer hardware resource among software programs.


There are numerous reasons behind which you may conduct Windows Reinstallation such as, if you deleted the system documents or Windows files unknowingly leads to your system to be effective improperly or it might not just work at a few conditions. When Windows Operating-system is not booting, when Trojan attacked for a laptop or computer, simply because, computer virus will cause problems for the Operating system or even to the private documents etc.


Reinstallation involving Windows is a means of re-installing Windows by new or any other version associated with Operating System by formatting the hard disk. During reinstallation procedure you may also re-partition the hard drives.


During reinstallation procedure you may lose information if you would not obtained a of crucial files, if you choose a partition to set up Windows exactly where critical data is saved, re-partition the hard drive, deleting partition in the course of reinstallation and so on.


To avoid data loss in the course of Windows reinstallation procedure you have to maintain the backup of critical files otherwise you shed your important information. In case you have missing your computer data without having backup even now you’ve got a chance to retrieve it using data recovery application known as Remo Recover (Windows) Pro Edition.


Features of this software are generally, it can help to recover lost files from reinstalled Windows, from re-partitioned hard disks, from missing or even missing partitions, gets back when hard disk drive has crashed as well as doesn’t boot, it gets back files from drives that have distinct file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, FAT32, NTFS and others, this gets back files from hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, flash memory devices such as SD, XD, MMC cards, Universal serial bus drives, iPod device memory etc.


Memory cards are usually storage devices used in lightweight products like cell phones, digital camera, iPod, audio players and others handheld devices. Memory cards are widely-used to store media files like audio tracks, videos and photographs. The capacity of memory cards varies from 512MB to 60GB or higher in recent model of portable devices. Various kinds of memory cards are compact flash, secure digital card, miniSD card, multi-media card, smart media, Sony memory sticks, XD picture card and so on. They will differ depending on cost, capacity and compatibility.


Micro SD or secure digital card is actually ultra small flash memory card and also used as mass hard drive in portable products like cameras, handheld computers, various models of iPods as well as in cell phones. Its storage capacity varies from 16MB to 1GB. SD cards are generally may differ according to 3 size aspects. They may be original size, mini size and micro size.


Due to specific factors you may shed private data saved in Micro SD card. For micro SD card file recovery you need to download and utilize recovery application named Remo Recover (Windows) Media Edition which helps to extract files effortlessly and efficiently. You need to hook up that memory card to the system that has Windows OS and also Remo recover (Windows) Media Edition.