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mail recovery software

Easy way to recover deleted emails

Emails hold lot of importance.  A business email may enclose financial important data or for personal email that may contain details that you really need. With a simple click or with the SHIFT+DEL keys the emails can appear to be lost forever. This is a very frightening situation as you may not be sure if you can recover those lost emails. Well, don’t panic, your deleted emails can be easily recovered.

The sooner you act on the situation the chances to recover deleted emails will be higher.  The reason you must act fast is because the deleted email can recovered before it is overwritten.  Although despite of being deleted your email still exists somewhere on the hard drive, it has no protection and can be overwritten or lost forever at any time.  In case of a data loss scenario always remember NOT to save any new data onto the hard drive. This considerably reduces the success of data recovery and may lead to permanent data loss.

How to recover deleted emails?

By using special email recovery tools you can recover deleted emails. These programs identify the missing files and can bring them back to life. You can instantly recover your deleted emails using these software programs. REMO Mail Recovery Software is the most powerful program to restore deleted email files. The software has a user-friendly interface that makes retrieving deleted email files quite simple.

REMO Mail Recovery (.pst) can recover .pst files even after corruption caused due to exceeding the 2 GB .pst file size limit, corruption of .pst files when used over a network, corruption inside the .pst file header, corruption that occurred during compacting of a .pst file and incomplete recovery of a .pst file by data recovery software due to fragmentation. It also supports recovery of password protected .pst files, plus both compressed encryption and high encryption .pst files. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this program. If you have deleted an email from your inbox, then immediately exit Microsoft Outlook and run Mail Recovery Software and get it back.