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how to recover memory card

Tips regarding how to recover memory card data

Memory cards are storage devices, which are used to store various kinds of data like music, video files, photos, games, etc. Memory cards are used in different type of electronic devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, handheld devices, etc. Memory card is a nonvolatile storage medium that is, memory card will not lose data when it is removed from the electronic device. Memory cards can be reformatted and it can be reused. Memory cards have become smaller in physical size and growing larger in logical size as the technology is growing. Most common types of memory cards that are used by most of the users are compact Flash card, Secure Digital card, Mini SD card, Micro SD card, Multimedia card (MMC), Smart Media card and XD- Picture card. Card readers are used to connect memory card to the computer. Using card reader, you can transfer any data from memory card to computer. There are chances of occurrences of data loss from memory card when you turn off the computer while transferring any data from memory card to computer.

When any data loss occurs from memory card then instead of thinking about how to recover memory card, it is better to take some action to recover memory card. Before you overwrite any data on the same memory card, use some memory card recovery software to recover data from the memory card. Always it is better to keep backup of all-important data, so that there will not be threat of losing any data from the memory card. Keeping backup is the precautionary measure which you must take before deleting any data from the memory card.

When most memorable photo files or video files are deleted from the memory card, then it will make you feel very bad. There are many reasons due to which data loss may occur from the memory card. Accidental deletion of photos in cell phone or in digital camera by pressing “delete” button or by pressing “delete all” button leads to data loss situation. When memory card gets corrupted, then there are chances of occurrences of photo loss. When memory card is pulled out of card reader or camera abruptly, while transferring photos to some other device, then also you may lose photos. If photos are captured when camera is in low battery then also you may lose those photos. These are all most common scenarios in which most of the people will lose photos or videos.

Whenever photo loss occurs from the memory card, then there is no need to worry regarding photo recovery. Remo Recover (Windows) – Media edition software can recover deleted or lost photos from the memory card. The software has the capacity to recover all deleted photos, video files, audio files, and even RAW digital photos as well. The trial version of the software is freely available which you can download and install in your system to evaluate chances of recovery. In trial version, you can view recovered files using preview option. If you are satisfied with the recovery result obtained from trial version then you can purchase full version of the software.