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file restoration software

Recover missing files from Windows

File is a collection of information, files are stored in various deceives like hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, iPods, etc.. Generally storage deceives are prone to data loss due to various scenarios like accidental deletion, deleting a file using Shift+Delete keys, empting Recycle Bin, virus attack, software malfunction, improper system shutdown, power surges, accidental deletion of partitions, formatting or re-formatting drives / partitions etc. the any of the above mention reasons can makes files inaccessible  from the Windows hard drive.

When you a file get deleted lost or missing the hard drive it does not gets deleted completely from the hard drive. Only the Operating System marks the space as free space available to store new files, but still the deleted files present on the hard drive in inaccessible from. In such cases to recover files from hard drive you need to use a good Windows files recovery software.

How to recover files using recovery software?

Select a good Windows file recovery software by reading articles and blogs from internet.  Select the software which supports both FAT and NTFS file system. Make sure the software supports Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP Operating systems. The software should be able to recover deleted files from laptop and PC.  Check weather the software supports various deleted or lost file types and make sure you can be able to preview recovered files and folder before saving them.

Follow the steps to recover missing files from hard drive

  • Stop using the hard drive immediately for  further operation like read / write (Because if you save any  new files to the system, the old files gets overwritten by new files then the chance of recovering is very less)
  • Download and install Windows file recovery software to the computer from which you nee d to recover missing files.
  • Run the software to recover missing files from Windows Operating System
  • Follow according to the step by step instruction given by the software to recover missing files from Windows OS.