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disk wipe

Using Disk Eraser to erase files securely

Why your data still exists on the hard drive even after deletion?

When we delete a file and empty the recycle bin, windows operating system will not delete the data instead it will just remove the link to data from the file system and mark the disk space occupied by the deleted file as available for use by new files. The actual contents of the file are still physically present on the hard disk until overwritten by new data.

This results in a serious security problem if you have sensitive data on your computer. Since data does not get permanently deleted, they can be restored using data recovery software tools.

In order to delete file beyond recovery, we need to use a Disk Eraser to erase the files securely so that it may never be recovered. A file shredder utility can ensure file or folder deletion beyond recovery.

Why do we have to permanently delete our files?

One should permanently delete files and folders so that no one can recover the sensitive or personal data. This is especially important in the following cases:

  • Sell the old computer
  • Give away or donate the old computer
  • Throw away the old computer
  • Sharing computer with family members or co-workers

Use of File Shredder:
In order to permanently erase data from the hard drive, use Remo File Shredder. This software ensures file or folder deletion beyond recovery. This software features nine highly secure shredding (deletion) techniques, any one of which can be chosen to delete data beyond recovery. This tool overwrites a file multiple times using complicated algorithm so that the file cannot be restored by any means.