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Simple Way to Restore Data from Memory Card

Memory card is a common type of flash memory media storage that contains one or more than one flash memory chips, other electrical components, a controller chip and the metal contacts in order to connect the memory card to the electronic device or card reader. Memory cards are also called as a flash memory card because they use flash memory to store large amount of data. Flash memory is a non-volatile memory, which holds the data even if the power is turned off. Flash memory cards are available in different formats like Secure Digital (SD) cards, Extreme Digital (XD) cards, Multimedia Cards (MMC), Compact Flash (CF) cards, Smart Media (SM) cards etc. Generally, memory cards are used for most of the applications and some flash memory cards are designed for specific uses. For example, professional flash memory cards and gaming flash memory cards are designed specifically for professional photographers and gaming consoles respectively. These types of memory cards are faster and durable than other types of consumer cards.


Flash memory cards do not contain moving parts, hence they are not susceptible for physical failures. But, they are not able to avoid data loss that occurs due to logical failures. Now, a common question arises like how to restore memory card data, which has been lost due to logical failures. Answer is simple, you just need to use Recover Memory Card tool to restore lost data from it.

Data stored in memory card can be transferred to your system via card reader. If you accidentally remove memory card from the card reader while transferring data than the file system of your memory card may get corrupted resulting in data loss. Because, when you connect memory card to computer, Operating system of your computer starts accessing the file system of memory card to access data from it. Abruptly removing memory card from the computer may interrupt the process and destroys allocation information of files in the file system. If allocation information of files is destroyed in file allocation table, then files stored in those particular locations becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss.


Sometimes, you may accidentally delete the data from memory card when it is connected to computer, resulting in loss of data. Because, when you delete data from memory card, it does not move to Recycle Bin instead it bypasses the Recycle Bin and such data you cannot restore from the Recycle Bin resulting in loss of data.

Therefore, while deleting any data from memory card makes sure that you are deleting data that is not important to you. Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to disconnect the memory card.
Recover Memory Card is one of the best utility that enables you to recover data from the memory cards that can be lost and accidentally deleted in any way. SD cards, XD cards, MMC, CF cards are the different types of memory cards supported by this utility. There are various manufacture brands supported by this program such as Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, etc. This application can also recover lost data from severely corrupted memory cards. You can download free demo version, where you can view list of recovered data before actual data restoration.