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Repair Corrupt MP4 Files

MPEG-4 is also called as MP4 that is used for video as well as audio file. MP4 file is based upon the MOV file that is developed by Apple Inc. This file format supports almost on all iPods, mobile phones, computers, cameras and so on. It delivers high quality videos and size of the video is too large. So sometimes, while downloading such videos from internet, if it process get interrupted due to any reason, then there is a chance of corruption of MP4 file. After corruption of MP4 file, you won’t be able to play it on any media player application. So, if you want to repair such MP4 file then make use of this reliable utility named as MOV Repair Software. Utilizing this tool you will be able to repair corrupted or damaged MP4 file with utmost ease.

Scenarios behind MP4 file corruption:

Interruption while downloading: When the video is incompletely downloaded through internet it may gets corrupted. For example when a video is downloading certainly due to network error downloading is failed. In this case, the video file which is downloading gets corrupted.

By using Third Party Tool: When you are scanning your drive/ folders which has MP4 file, as if these files were affected by viruses then the Antivirus may corrupt your MP4 file.

Round Tripping: If you want to convert any MP4 video file to some other video file format and if that file format is already corrupted or converted incorrectly then you won’t play that MP4 video file.

File Header Corruption: Header is one of the vital parts of MP4 file as they contains file type, size and if they gets corrupted due to some reasons like sudden system shutdown, power surge, software conflicts, etc then you won’t be able to play your MP4  video file.

External Threats: Threats like malware/virus attack makes your MP4 file corrupt. Due to this it won’t be playable on any media player program.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Never store MP4 files on the damaged storage device. Always check the storage device during transferring or storing any MP4 file.
  • Always use appropriate player to play MP4 file to avoid corruption of MP4 file.

Features of MOV Repair Software:

  • This software is specially build for repairing MP4 file and fixes the problem related to file corruption.
  • The software has unique feature that can separately repair audio and video files to create it playable movie file.
  • This tool is compatible on all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Preview option allows you to preview the repaired files but you can’t save the file in demo version. If you satisfied with the demo version then you can activate the application with full version.
  • It repairs the videos which are recorded using camcorder.
  • The software takes very less space for installation i.e. 50 MB.
  • A team of professionals will guide you 24*7, if you find any issue during the installation process.
  • Some of the codecs that are supported by this software are video (mjpeg, avc1, mp4v) and audio (mp4a).
  • This tool is capable enough to repair MP4 file errors on all brands of camcorders such as Sony, Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Nikon, Fujifilm, Casio, etc.