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Recover Office Files

Most recently the technology made the work easier with less effort, often we use the computers to maintain the databases, official files, documents, and emails, contacts, or it may be any kind of information maintenance. We go for MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint else more applications. All these information and files are not much secure they may be deleted accidentally, that time you will lose important files, the lost or deleted files can be recovered easily with short period of time. We generally use the Word files; Excel files, PowerPoint and Access file. While dealing with these applications there is always a threat of deleting the files, hence you will lose files, but no need to worry as there is software is available to recover office files, all your deleted and lost files quickly and safely. Before knowing about this software we should know why this file deletion or loss occurs.


Accidentally file may be deleted using “Shift + Delete” key combination, improper shutdown of system or there may be severe virus attack may delete  the files or improper way of transferring files from on device to another device on Office applications like  Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word etc. So we need to choose which recovery software is used for which applications.



If we are using the Word Office the deleted files may bypass due to oversizing of Recycle Bin, .doc or .docx  files may be deleted due to virus attack and all these deleted files can be retrieved and restore.


The Excel file recovery software is useful to recover the files from excel application. This software supports latest versions of Microsoft Excel and supports new xml based file format.


Voice commands, user interface, collaboration among Excel users.

The common ways to lose Excel Files

Excel files can be deleted due to file system collapse, defragmentation failure or emptying recycle bin in such a cases .xls and  .xslx format files can be recovered using excel file recovery software.

when comes to MS Access file system which is a database management tool which includes different attributes like contacts, guests lists,  when these database get deleted by virus attack or accidentally that time this access file recovery can be used to restore all lost data.

Similarly, MS power point is a graphical approach to software presentation by this software we can create photo albums, creating chart of official growth so when we lose such a crucial data that time PowerPoint file recovery helps you to get back and restore all types of files like .ppt  .pps. It works well for power point 2007,2008 versions.


Download and install the trail version of office file recovery software where the entire lost or deleted data will be scanned and you can save the scanned session which helps you further but you cannot fetch the files until you purchase the office file recovery software.  Work with the trail version and you will get the result how efficient and reliable this software is, then purchase the recover office files software to get back all files which were deleted or you have lost them