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Perform File Recovery on Mac

Mac operating system is based on UNIX platform, which provides multitasking feature in order to make Mac computer work more quickly. Mac OS is setup for multiuser that is, it make possible for several users to set up their personalized work on same computer without the risk of accessing, deleting or changing any other user’s files. Every Mac computer has a hard drive as a secondary storage device, which stores all its data. Moreover, you can also connect external storage drive to your Mac like external hard drive, USB flash drive, flash card etc. Mac Operating System use HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file system.

Though Mac computer is called as the most secure and virus immune system, then also its users are facing data loss problem.  Have ever encountered with data loss situation on your Mac machine? Then you need some powerful software, which can recover your system data back. Mac recovery tool is the appropriate one. This software will recover your formatted/ accidentally deleted files from Mac system hard drive within few simple steps.

Recovery is achievable because, when you deleted any file from your system HDD or format it. It doesn’t erase for forever. It remains on drive itself, only the pointers which are directing its storage location is set as free. So, if you didn’t add any new on these free locations you have a chance to recover your lost /deleted files back. Before recovery, you should understand the reasons that can cause data loss.

Data loss scenarios

  • Improper termination of system: Usually in hurry, some people shutdown their system from the main button. Due to which they lose some of their files from system hard drive. Sudden power failure is second most reason for improper shutdown.
  • Formatting a drive or volume: Sometime for clearing a drive data you format it. But later on you realized that the formatted drive was having some important files. At this case if don’t have a proper backup of those file, then you will lose your entire drive data.
  • Ignoring warning messages: In case you remove your external drive without choosing safely remove option. This improper ejection of drives may delete some files from your external hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion of data: Sometime while deleting one file accidentally, you delete another file. If you delete those file by using command + delete option, then it is emptied from trash and causes data loss.
  • Catalog corruption: Catalog file is an important file that helps users to find any files or folders from their Mac machine hard drive. If this it gets corrupt then you lost the way to access your crucial files.
  • Other reasons: Journal corruption, volume header corruption, OS reinstallation are the other three reasons which results in huge data loss.


  • Generate a backup of your important data before formatting and reformatting.
  • Turns off application properly after finishing the work.
  • Choose strong power source for your system, to prevent abrupt shutdown.
  • Don’t remove external storage drive forcefully.
  • Deletion of file must be done carefully.

Above precaution are only few and it doesn’t works everywhere, as there are number of unknown situation which occurs randomly without users knowledge. If you are experiencing any situation then do not worry, there is always a way to any problem we just need to find it. And Mac recovery tool is an optimum solution for handling Mac related data loss problem. This application will solve any kind of data loss problem within few simple clicks.

This application is 100 % safe and secure to perform Mac data recovery. It recovers lost/deleted files in its original form without any modification. It can identify photos or other files with the help of its extension. The software contains in-built deep scanning algorithms to find out and recover files from the Mac hard drive. To recover your lost/deleted files form Mac machine, just download free demo version of Mac recovery application from here and examine the result of demo version. If you’re satisfied with its outcome, then purchase its full version and save your recovered files.