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How to Repair a broken or Damaged Zip file?

What are ZIP files?

ZIP files are the compressed files in which of two or more files are associated in order to reduce the memory consumed by them. Mostly compression of files is done when there is a need of transferring the files through emails or when there is a need of enough free memory space. Large sized files will take large data to transfer and also it will take more time to transfer those files. By doing ZIP, you can save the time for transfer and also internet data will be saved.

The second use of ZIP files is there will be free enough memory in the hard drive, so that the free memory can be used for any other purpose. Most of the operating systems have in-built support for the ZIP files and also in-built option will be available to compress the files. Also ZIP files are used to have backup of the data by compressing the files. Unfortunately there are chances of ZIP files getting corrupted and if the ZIP files get corrupted then it will become inaccessible and it will be a loss for you.

How does the ZIP file get corrupt?

The main reason behind corruption of ZIP files is transfer of the large size of ZIP file in the local network or downloading form internet and it there is any interruption during this process. Once the ZIP file gets corrupted and if you try to open the file then you may get following error messages:

  • Bad CRC.
  • Cannot open file.
  • The archive is corrupted or damaged.
  • Unknown compression method, etc.

The other reason behind the corruption of ZIP file is due to using unreliable software to recover it, if it was deleted. So trying to recover the deleted ZIP files by using the unreliable recovery tool can cause the corruption of file.

How to repair the corrupt ZIP file?

If the ZIP file gets corrupted, there is no in-built fixing option in any operating system to repair corrupt ZIP files, so you need to opt for any ZIP repair tool. There are many tools available online, but selecting of a tool is very important because there are many unreliable tools and working on them may cause still more damage to the ZIP file.

In the current market, ZIP Repair Tool is the reliable tool that is capable of repairing the ZIP tool in an effective manner. You can repair the corrupt ZIP file that is up to 4GB in size and also the ZIP files that are stored on media storage can be repaired by using this software.

The unique feature of this software is, it adopts read only technique. That means this tool will not interrupt or disturb the ZIP file; instead it just reads the corrupt ZIP file and creates the healthy ZIP file.