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How to Recover Lost or Deleted iTunes Library File on Mac?

iTunes is a mobile media management application developed by Apple Inc. for Macintosh and Windows OS. It permits you to organize all your digital video and music files.

What is iTunes Library file?

An iTunes library file is a database of all your music files. iTunes library file usually saves into two different formats as Library.itl and Library.xml.

  • iTunes Library.itl : it an information file of your playlist created and music files stored as library.itl.
  • iTunes Library.xml: it encloses few information of your music file saved as iTunes Library.xml. Its purpose is to make available of your playlist and music to other applications on your PC.

At times, your iTunes Library.itl gets deleted accidently. Then your iTunes creates a new library file but with loss of all you’re saved music files, comments, playlist etc. If your iTunes Library.xml gets deleted, then your iTunes will again regenerate a new iTunes Library.xml file. But what happens if your iTunes Library itself gets deleted? There is no possible way that you iTunes can regenerate it. The only possibility to recover iTunes Library is by using a recovery tool known as Recover iPod Files. Before knowing about the utility let us have a brief look over causes for deletion or loss of iTunes Library file.

What are the Scenarios for iTunes Library file Deletion or loss on Mac?

  • Influence of Third Party Application: Any third party application installed on your Macintosh which tries access your iTunes Library file may result in either loss /deletion of your file permanently.
  • Human Errors: If you delete the library file intentionally/unintentionally while clearing space on PC, library file gets deleted permanently if the size of the file is such huge that exceeds Trash capacity.
  • System Crash: Your Mac computer may crash due to various errors such as frequent power surge, operating system corruption, Journal corruption, hard drive failure, volume map corruption and accidental deletion of booting files, etc. It may result in the loss of library file.
  • Other Reasons: Accidently formatting the volume containing iTunes library file may lead to deletion of file.

If you ever lose a library file due to above causes or by any other scenarios don’t try to uninstall/re-install your iTunes which may further affect your library file. You can recover iTunes library simply by just downloading and installing the tremendous preferential recover tool “Recover iPod files”.

Why Recover iPod Files Software is better than other Utilities?

  • It is the best recovery utility and this is extremely recommended by many industry experts for performing iTunes library recovery without any complexity.
  • This tool locates and recovers lost iTunes library file using advanced algorithm scanning techniques.
  • It is the finest remedy to recover library files deleted by command + delete option.
  • The interface of the utility is so simple such that iTunes library file can be easily recovered  in a few steps.
  • This application will recuperate your library file without changing any of your iTunes original contents or music on your Mac.
  • You can recover iTunes library file on all the latest Macintosh operating systems like Leopard, Panther, Tiger and Mavericks etc.
  • With the help of “Save Recovery Session” enables to pause the application and resume it from previous session.