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How do I Retrieve Outlook Data after Header File Corruption

Microsoft is a well known company which introduces various products in order to fulfill the needs of its users. Microsoft Outlook is one such application that comes within the package of Microsoft Office suit. In the world of communication, this MS Outlook adds a new look by helping its users to communicate with people through emails and share information over the networks. Various versions of Outlook are Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010.Apart from emails, it allows you to create notes, set reminders, schedule events, appointments, maintain record of your contacts, tasks, and many other features.

All these Outlook features are saved in a single file called as PST file which means personal storage table. The file extension used is .pst and the file size of PST file is different for different Outlook versions such as 2 GB for Outlook 2000, 20GB for 2007 and 50GB for Outlook 2010. Now one thing is clear that this Outlook helps you in one or the way. But what if you face difficulty while accessing Outlook due to corruption or any unknown reason??This will result in inaccessibility of your essential information stored in Outlook PST file and you might end up losing your entire Outlook data.

Let us look at one practical scenario which will give you a clear picture on how data from PST file is lost because of corruption.

Consider a situation in which you are using Outlook 2000 to communicate within an organization. The maximum file size limit of Outlook 2000 is 2GB and one fine day suddenly it reached its maximum value and the PST header file got corrupted. Therefore you lost all the important emails and other Outlook items save in the PST file from your Outlook 2000 because of oversized PST file? In this terrible situation, you must be worried and thinking how to retrieve Outlook data after header file corruption??

Hey!!! Be relaxed as you can get some best and reliable third party file recovery software which can allow you to recover all your emails including contacts, tasks, etc. from the corrupted Outlook PST file. One such proficient software is Outlook PST recovery utility which can help you out to restore your deleted/lost emails. Click this to get more detail regarding Outlook PST recovery application.

Other causes for PST header file corruption:

  • Malware attack on your computer might corrupt the header file which will not allow you to access Outlook PST file with stored emails and other Outlook attributes resulting in loss of data.
  • Occurrence of unexpected power failure while upgrading MS Outlook from its one version to another might damage the PST file making it unreadable causing data loss.
  • Improper exiting of Outlook is the other main reason for corruption of PST file. If your PST file is corrupted then you may not be able to access the data making you to suffer huge loss of data.
  • Errors encountered while compacting large emails could corrupt the PST file and leads to data loss from PST file.

After losing data, most of the people think that the data is lost forever and it is not possible to retrieve the data. However, this not true, if you lose your PST file because of damage first you can repair the file by making use of inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe. If the PST file is corrupted or damaged beyond the repair limits of inbox repair tool then this tool will not work and you have to go for some good professional and reliable recovery tool. As mentioned, Outlook PST recovery software is the best tool which can repair and recover lost emails from damaged PST file along with other Outlook data like contacts, notes, journal entries, etc. with utmost ease.

This tool can retrieve highly compressed and password protected PST file created on any version of MS Outlook. Just you have to visit here to go through this recovery software.

First get the demo version of this tool and install it on your PC. The trial version of the software will help you in evaluating the performance of the software. If you find that this tool has done PST file recovery as per your need you can download its licensed version from website.