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Efficient Tool to Recover Deleted Partitions from Hard Drive

“I have accidentally deleted one of my hard drive partitions while trying to create a new partition on my hard drive. It happened all of a sudden; I lost consciousness for a moment while performing the task. And the worst thing about it is I don’t have backup of the deleted partition. It was containing lot of essential files; for the same reason I have to regain the entire deleted partition. Is there any simple method to perform deleted partition recovery?”

Many users might have encountered these sorts of unfortunate situations before, while trying to perform partitioning or repartitioning on system hard drive. And the consequences or impact due to this is quite high; a major loss is always heartening for the users. People often think that recovering data from hard drive partition is hard to accomplish, but the reality is different. If you have access to a reliable tool, you can successfully perform deleted partition recovery with extreme ease. Let’s study the various scenarios leading to the deletion of partition and thereafter we will study how to perform deleted partition recovery.

Frequent situations leading to partition deletion

  • OS Re-installation: There might be instances leading to system crash or OS boot failure due to unknown logical errors. This often happens with users who have less knowledge to perform OS re-installation; the impact of this is huge as the user might accidentally delete partition while performing this task thereby has to face heavy data loss situations.
  • Third party usage: Using incompatible or unreliable third party tools to create new partition or to repartition may sometimes affect adversely leading to huge loss of data; user will not be prompted with confirmation message before deletion of partition.
  • Virus intrusion: Virus attack is a common situation that affects the file system of hard drive partition; the entire hard drive partition may get corrupt due to this making it inaccessible. In order to make it accessible user has to perform format operation this will lead to deletion of all files.

Fortunately, in such cases the data stored in the hard drive partition is not deleted permanently. By deleting the partition, the index pointer of the partition gets deleted not the data contained in it, but thereby the data stored will become invisible. The data stored in the hard drive partition will stay intact until it is overwritten by new files. So avoid using hard drive partition to store new files. Hence, by using efficient recovery tool you can easily recover deleted hard drive partition.

Partitions Recovery is one among the most recommended tool that helps to perform deleted partition recovery with extreme ease on various versions of Windows as well as Mac OS’s. It is compatible to recover deleted partition of NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS, HFS+, etc. In addition to that this tool can be employed to recover files from dead, corrupted, unreadable system hard drive.

Major features of Partitions Recovery

  • The simple interface of this tool is an added advantage; user doesn’t need to technically sound in order to restore deleted hard drive partition.
  • The application scans the entire hard drive for deleted files and folders from the hard drive partition, after completing the scanning process list of files will get generated, which can be sorted according to date, name and file size.
  • Save recovery session feature that comes along with this tool allows user to resume the scanning process in case if it needs to be interrupted for some reason. Resume process starts from where the scanning was left previously which helps the user to save considerable amount of time.
  • This tool can be used to restore deleted partition from SSD, SATA, SCSI, SAS and other hard drives.
  • The demo version of this software enables user to view the recovered files from deleted hard drive partition, user can get to know the efficiency of this application in recovering deleted partition hard drive by this way.