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Easiest Method to Recover Data from Corrupted SD Card

Many of us who uses SD cards may sometime get error messages like “Damaged SD card” in their notifications when they try to access stored data from it.  If you try to view your stored photos from photo gallery it will displays message like, “SD card is blank or there is no SD card”.  Or sometimes you may get other error messages like, “memory card error”, “card error”, “card locked” etc. Even if you try to format it then also it does not do anything i.e. once your memory card get corrupt then it stop any type of operation on it like, storing captured images, data inaccessibility, etc. Then in such condition you might be worried about your precious photos, videos or other stored data. In such case to recover data from SD card you need to use SD card recovery software.

1] Reason behind SD card corruption:

There are lots of issues due to which your SD card get corrupt. Some of the most common reasons are like,

  • Improper use of digital camera: There are many scenarios in case of camera like If you removed your SD card abruptly without switching off your camera it may leads to corruption, or suppose if you captured images when camera battery condition is very low then also it results into SD card corruption.
  •  Data storage issues: SD cards are come up with certain data storage limit, if you try to exceed this storage limit then it causes into corruption of memory card.
  • Interruption during Read/ write process: While transferring files from SD card to system if suddenly system get shutdown then due to interruption of read / write process results into corruption of SD card.
  • Virus or malware attack: This is the most common scenario due to which there are chances of corruption SD card file system, which may result in data loss

2] Tips to avoid SD card error and corruption

  • Use antivirus in system.
  • Avoid use of camera when its battery low.
  • Use good quality UPS.
  • Remove SD card in proper way.

3] Salient features of best SD card recovery software

  • This software helps to recover audio file types (like MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, AIF etc.), video file types (like MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP etc.) and photo file types (like JPEG, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, etc)
  • Along with SD card this software helps to recover deleted / lost data from USB flash, camcorders, iPods, hard drives etc.
  • This software supports to the SD card brands like, Kingston, Sony, Transcend, Lexar etc.
  • This software supports to the all latest version of Windows OS like, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

You can download the free demo version of this software and preview recovery results of your corrupted SD card.  After that if you feel satisfied with demo result you can purchase this software to save recovered results.