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Deleted file recovery from Windows 7

Losing files from Windows 7 is one of the biggest problems that Windows 7 users are facing current days. If you are the person who has lost their data from Windows and looking forward to recover lost files then you can recover your lost files by making the use well reputed recovery tool named Lost File Recovery, which thoroughly scans all the drive location for lost files and recovered files in couple of minutes.

Some of the popular data loss scenarios on Windows 7:

  • Third party software: Using third party tool may lead to the loss of data from Windows 7. When you use third party tool to delete files, may delete some other genuine files, resulting in the loss of data. Data also may be deletedby antivirus program, when it is found infected, the antivirus software deleted it without giving any notification to the user.
  • Journal corruption:The partition turns out to be RAW and the operating system fails to mount the partition when journal of the partition is corrupted.  A journal, which is a part of the file system when it is corrupted, resulting in the loss of data. Further, you are not able to access data anymore. There is only a way to recover lost data that is by making the use of Lost File Recovery software.
  • Custom installation of Windows 7: Custom installation of Windows 7 may lead to the loss of data. Suppose wherever thedrive is formatted while doing custom installation of Windows 7. All the data within the hard drive become erased from the interface. If you do not have backup to restore system files, may result in the loss of data from Windows 7. In such situation, Lost File Recovery software helps you to recover files after formatting hard drive.
  • Re-installation of OS:You can re-install Windows 7 using recovery option available in control panel whenever you found that it is working according to your expectation. After re-installation, you lose all intact data including the installed programs. You definitely can reinstall the software’s but other important data that were stored cannot get from somewhere else. In such circumstances, you can make the use of Lost File Recovery software in order to perform successful file recovery on Windows 7.

Some popular features of the Window 7 recovery tool are:

  • Capable to recover lost file Windows 7 OS and other versions of Windows
  • Supports recovery from various file system such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5
  • Recover files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives
  • Provide  an option to save recovery session and resume it whenever you need

Thus by going through some popular features of this Lost File Recovery tool, we can conclude that it is proficient to recover lost files from Windows 7. In case you have lost data from Windows 7 PC then you can get this awesome software from the internet in order to check its capability regarding to lost files recovery from Windows 7.