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Windows File Recovery

Recover Windows XP Hard Drive after Format

Hi, recently I quick formatted my Windows hard disk which had a lot of important files including my project files. These project files and other data are very essential to me, Now what can I do? How can I restore my formatted files on Windows XP based PC?

Are you in similar situation where you accidentally format your Windows XP hard drive? And still looking for a solution to recover data lost after format? Then here is your solution. Windows recovery will sort your data loss problem within few minutes.

Most of the time while formatting a partition, users accidentally select a wrong partition which contains their crucial files, as a result of which they lose all the files present in that partition. To get over from such situations make use of Windows recovery program. It is recommended by industry experts who are having years of experience of the field of data recovery. This tool will successfully restore the data from the formatted partition/drive, in its original form. To visit official site of this software click here!

Reasons for formatting a drive:

  • Unintentional format: Mistakenly formatting the hard drive or any other device containing your valuable business files.
  • To improve system performance: Usually formatting is done to speed up the computer or for improving the system performance, without taking a proper backup will result in file loss from the drive.
  • To sort out the errors: Sometimes, you find too many errors during system start up or while executing any programs and you format the drive to get rid of these errors.
  • Remove viruses: Deadly viruses and malware attack usually results in file system corruption and inaccessibility, which force you to format the system drive in order to use it. And formatting a drive will finally ends with complete file loss from the drive.

Is there a way to recover formatted files from Windows XP based system?

Yes! Definitely as mentioned above Windows recovery software will help you in retrieving your files back. It is one of such wonderful software to perform Windows file recovery.  This tool can recover lost/deleted files after any data loss situation. It not only helps you to recover your formatted files but also helps you to recover deleted/lost media files such as audio and video. It recovers files from iPod, USB drives, memory stick, flash cards, external HDD and many more storage devices. It is easy to run this tool on all famous versions of Windows OS for example Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003. In addition to this the software even supports recovery of RAW picture files of extension ARW, SR2, ORF, MRW, NEF, CR2, CRW, DNG etc. Refer this link: for further software details.

Using this tool any nontechnical person can also unformat its formatted hard drive data even after re-installing the OS. The tool has a free trial version in, which also facilitates you to preview the recovered data before saving. Try trial version of this tool to estimate the chances of recovery. First, download and install Windows recovery software to your computer, but not onto the drive from where files are to be recovered. Run the software and go with the main screen procedure. Use suitable option given on the screen on the bases of your data loss situation. Take the help of software manual will assist you in using the tool. The tool scans and displays all the logical and external drives present on the system. Select the drives from where files are to be recovered and click on “Next”. The software scans the selected drive and displays all the lost or deleted files. Preview the files before saving them. If you are satisfied with the results of trial version then to save your recovered files you need to buy the licensed version of the tool.


  • Don’t save the files on the same drive from where you are recovering it.
  • Stop using your formatted drive immediately after accidental format.
  • Maintain a backup of your important files it will help you at the time of data loss.





Deleted file recovery from Windows 7

Losing files from Windows 7 is one of the biggest problems that Windows 7 users are facing current days. If you are the person who has lost their data from Windows and looking forward to recover lost files then you can recover your lost files by making the use well reputed recovery tool named Lost File Recovery, which thoroughly scans all the drive location for lost files and recovered files in couple of minutes.

Some of the popular data loss scenarios on Windows 7:

  • Third party software: Using third party tool may lead to the loss of data from Windows 7. When you use third party tool to delete files, may delete some other genuine files, resulting in the loss of data. Data also may be deletedby antivirus program, when it is found infected, the antivirus software deleted it without giving any notification to the user.
  • Journal corruption:The partition turns out to be RAW and the operating system fails to mount the partition when journal of the partition is corrupted.  A journal, which is a part of the file system when it is corrupted, resulting in the loss of data. Further, you are not able to access data anymore. There is only a way to recover lost data that is by making the use of Lost File Recovery software.
  • Custom installation of Windows 7: Custom installation of Windows 7 may lead to the loss of data. Suppose wherever thedrive is formatted while doing custom installation of Windows 7. All the data within the hard drive become erased from the interface. If you do not have backup to restore system files, may result in the loss of data from Windows 7. In such situation, Lost File Recovery software helps you to recover files after formatting hard drive.
  • Re-installation of OS:You can re-install Windows 7 using recovery option available in control panel whenever you found that it is working according to your expectation. After re-installation, you lose all intact data including the installed programs. You definitely can reinstall the software’s but other important data that were stored cannot get from somewhere else. In such circumstances, you can make the use of Lost File Recovery software in order to perform successful file recovery on Windows 7.

Some popular features of the Window 7 recovery tool are:

  • Capable to recover lost file Windows 7 OS and other versions of Windows
  • Supports recovery from various file system such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5
  • Recover files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives
  • Provide  an option to save recovery session and resume it whenever you need

Thus by going through some popular features of this Lost File Recovery tool, we can conclude that it is proficient to recover lost files from Windows 7. In case you have lost data from Windows 7 PC then you can get this awesome software from the internet in order to check its capability regarding to lost files recovery from Windows 7.

Use of File recovery software


Is there any good recovery tool for recovering deleted and lost files during file transfer from one device to another device?

I lost some of my reputed files in the virus healing process by the antivirus program .Am I able to recover only a particular file from the deleted set of files?

I just formatted my memory card using my mobile device .Is it good to use a recovery tool in that card for recovering files?

My flash drive shows read/write error. Is it possible to recover files from turned down flash drive?

Is there any easy way to recover files that bypassed the recycle bin?

At present deleting datas and regaining them has become one of the frequent scenarios .There are many file recovery software available in the internet market that can raise the data alive from the dead. But it’s not assured that data recovery is hundred percent possible. It depends on the memory allocation of the data. Actually when a data is saved in a drive which can be cracked into two halves one is the actual data storage in a memory location the other one is pointer to that particular data .When the data is deleted only the pointer location to the data is set to zero i.e. there are good chance of data still available in the hard drive. The recovery tool will recreate the broken pointer which ultimately helps in gaining access to that file. Choosing a good recovery tool is not a tough task.

Virus related issues:

Of course virus and vulnerability is one of the major threat to the cyber society .It is difficult to heal them in both internet and stand alone applications. And recovering datas from that ocean is a head ache process. So it is better leave it to the recovery tool itself. To recover datas from virus affected disk needs the best recovery utility .Going for full versioned recovery software will be a wise choice. And only few tools provide recovery option of files by districting the actual files with the virus files. Free ware won’t be good because it is not 100% vulnerability free. One of the tools with such facility is given below

Why read/write error?

The flash card is one of the external storage devices which are highly used for its mobility and portability which can be accessed easily though almost many devices .Since it’s a storage device any type of file can be stored it depends on the device using the cards. Sometimes the files inside the flash card are inaccessible or it may show a read/write error. This is because of the fact that the card may be read/write in excess. That is the datas may be inserted or extracted at its maximum limit. As the NAND circuits inside the flash card have reached its maximum read/write cycle .If this situation is reached it will be better option for going to recovery software program. There is only certain tool that provides options for these scenarios. One of such tool is given below.

Some key features that drive the tool to its best are

  • Ø Free from vulnerabilities including viruses and malwares and passes the important cyber standards
  • Ø Covers almost all the file deletion scenario including files bypassing recycle bin, formatting, reformatting, partitioned drives, files lost during data transfer and file deleted by antivirus programs.
  • Ø One tool is capable of recovering almost all types of file formats including user defined files
  • Ø Single tool is highly enough to recover datas from both internal and external storage drives such as Hard disks, pen drives, flash drives, memory card and fire wire drives etc.

To download and install go for the inbuilt manual and follow the installation procedure .It is not recommended for drives with HFS file system as it refers to internal memory of an iphone device.



Tool to Recover Office 2007 document

I am using a Ms office 2007 suite .Since my job  fully employs ms word for huge purpose .I lost some of my oldest file which are lost while emptying the recycle bin .Is there any good recovery software to recover those deleted files?

I accidentally deleted a file by using shift delete option. Is there any easy way to undelete those files? If it requires software then what is it?

Can anyone suggest a good recovery software for restoring my deleted windows files?

The thing that everyone must be aware of that is what happens when we delete or shift delete a file. When a file is moved to the recycle bin it is to be noted that only the file pointer is broken from the actual data source which is the memory. When a file is moved to recycle bin there occur a save point in file pointer so that the file can be restored in the feature. This is the reason when the user try to access a file in the recycle bin it will prompt for restore option .so that the pointer is connected with actual data memory for further accessing. Windows file recovery option does not come with default operating system. It is useful only up to a certain limit. To go further we need recovery software

What happens while a file is deleted permanently?

When users try to delete a file permanently they will go for the shift delete option. Using shift delete option and deleting a file using command prompt are merely the same only the procedure changes. When a file is shift + deleted the pointer to the particular memory location is lost forever. It is deleted and a random value is replaced in its place. Normally called a junk value .To recover data’s from these kind of data losses requires a good paid full version of windows recovery software

Where to find good recovery software?

Good recovery software in the sense it should be capable of recollecting the lost information from all the data loss scenarios. It is highly recommended to use a paid full version to recover data’s because as a freeware may cause a permanent damage to the data’s and it’s not sure that it is free from all kinds of vulnerability. In the case of paid one we can demand the provider with respect to problems. Such eminent software is easy to find one of such rare one is mentioned below.

The reasons behind these heavy recommendations are

  • Ø It not only recovers document file format but also more than 300 file formats are well supported
  • Ø It also recovers user defined file format which are unique in signature pattern
  • Ø In virus contaminated file recovery it skips the virus files and recovers only the necessary files.
  • Ø Since follows and supports all cyber protection standard user can be sure of virus free and malware free
  • Ø Easy installation and usage

Is there any instructions to be followed while installing and activation?

To download and install doesn’t require a highly skilled computerized expert .The basic knowledge is more than enough to download, install and handle the software .It is capable of installing the software in offline mode itself but when it comes to purchase of full version and activation of it you need to use at least a onetime online usage. There are also option to purchase the key using your mail and install it when need for this there is no need for the software installed system to be online.

Some guidelines to be followed while installing is don’t install the tool in the same drive with deleted data’s as it may cause a permanent damage to the data.



Recover Office Files

Most recently the technology made the work easier with less effort, often we use the computers to maintain the databases, official files, documents, and emails, contacts, or it may be any kind of information maintenance. We go for MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint else more applications. All these information and files are not much secure they may be deleted accidentally, that time you will lose important files, the lost or deleted files can be recovered easily with short period of time. We generally use the Word files; Excel files, PowerPoint and Access file. While dealing with these applications there is always a threat of deleting the files, hence you will lose files, but no need to worry as there is software is available to recover office files, all your deleted and lost files quickly and safely. Before knowing about this software we should know why this file deletion or loss occurs.


Accidentally file may be deleted using “Shift + Delete” key combination, improper shutdown of system or there may be severe virus attack may delete  the files or improper way of transferring files from on device to another device on Office applications like  Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word etc. So we need to choose which recovery software is used for which applications.



If we are using the Word Office the deleted files may bypass due to oversizing of Recycle Bin, .doc or .docx  files may be deleted due to virus attack and all these deleted files can be retrieved and restore.


The Excel file recovery software is useful to recover the files from excel application. This software supports latest versions of Microsoft Excel and supports new xml based file format.


Voice commands, user interface, collaboration among Excel users.

The common ways to lose Excel Files

Excel files can be deleted due to file system collapse, defragmentation failure or emptying recycle bin in such a cases .xls and  .xslx format files can be recovered using excel file recovery software.

when comes to MS Access file system which is a database management tool which includes different attributes like contacts, guests lists,  when these database get deleted by virus attack or accidentally that time this access file recovery can be used to restore all lost data.

Similarly, MS power point is a graphical approach to software presentation by this software we can create photo albums, creating chart of official growth so when we lose such a crucial data that time PowerPoint file recovery helps you to get back and restore all types of files like .ppt  .pps. It works well for power point 2007,2008 versions.


Download and install the trail version of office file recovery software where the entire lost or deleted data will be scanned and you can save the scanned session which helps you further but you cannot fetch the files until you purchase the office file recovery software.  Work with the trail version and you will get the result how efficient and reliable this software is, then purchase the recover office files software to get back all files which were deleted or you have lost them

How to Recover Microsoft Office Files

Microsoft office is a popular office suite used by many people to create and edit different type of documents. MS Office is incorporated with different applications like Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook, Picture Manager, OneNote, Etc. Now a day it has become a mandatory tool to run any office with its advanced features like spell checker, OLE data integration, etc. Office has been released in different versions and the recent version is Microsoft Office 2011.

Most widely used applications of MS Office are word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Sometimes due to power failure or application crash while accessing files leads to loss of some information. In case, if the Office crashes or exits improperly, unsaved information can be recovered from temporary files. In order to avoid the loss of information, Office is incorporated with an Auto Recovery Program, which helps to restore the lost information.

There are times in which Auto Recovery Program fails to restore the crashed files information and in some cases users might also end up with deletion or loss of documents stored in their hard drives. If you are facing such type of data loss problem, here is an optimum solution to restore your deleted or lost MS Office document files like Word files, Excel Sheets, PPT files, etc with the help of Microsoft Office files recovery software. This article describes how do files get lost and how to recover them.

Sometimes users lose their word, excel and PPT files by,

  • Accidentally deleting from the storage drive.
  • Files might get delete due to third party applications like antivirus.
  • Document Files might become inaccessible due to virus or malware action.

Whatever the might be the reason, if you have deleted or lost any MS Office document file, then think of some good file recovery software. They will always help you to get back your lost files without losing any information.

Whenever a saved file gets delete or lost from the storage media, only the pointer which points the stored location of the file will be removed and space marked as available but the actual data still resides on the stored sector, until it is overwritten with some new data. Unfortunately such data cannot be accessed by the operating system without a pointer but file recovery software scans the storage drive and recover with the help of different file attributes.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition is one such advanced file recovery software developed by some expert data recovery professionals. This utility facilitates you to restore deleted or lost word, excel, PPT and office document files from different storage media like hard drives, external drives, USB flash drives, etc.  This is an all in one MS Office file recovery software for Windows operating system. Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition is an efficient and simple recovery tool which helps you to restore deleted or lost office files with in a few simple steps.

You can download Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition for simple and secure file recovery process.

Recover missing files from Windows

File is a collection of information, files are stored in various deceives like hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, iPods, etc.. Generally storage deceives are prone to data loss due to various scenarios like accidental deletion, deleting a file using Shift+Delete keys, empting Recycle Bin, virus attack, software malfunction, improper system shutdown, power surges, accidental deletion of partitions, formatting or re-formatting drives / partitions etc. the any of the above mention reasons can makes files inaccessible  from the Windows hard drive.

When you a file get deleted lost or missing the hard drive it does not gets deleted completely from the hard drive. Only the Operating System marks the space as free space available to store new files, but still the deleted files present on the hard drive in inaccessible from. In such cases to recover files from hard drive you need to use a good Windows files recovery software.

How to recover files using recovery software?

Select a good Windows file recovery software by reading articles and blogs from internet.  Select the software which supports both FAT and NTFS file system. Make sure the software supports Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP Operating systems. The software should be able to recover deleted files from laptop and PC.  Check weather the software supports various deleted or lost file types and make sure you can be able to preview recovered files and folder before saving them.

Follow the steps to recover missing files from hard drive

  • Stop using the hard drive immediately for  further operation like read / write (Because if you save any  new files to the system, the old files gets overwritten by new files then the chance of recovering is very less)
  • Download and install Windows file recovery software to the computer from which you nee d to recover missing files.
  • Run the software to recover missing files from Windows Operating System
  • Follow according to the step by step instruction given by the software to recover missing files from Windows OS.