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Restore Files from Formatted Drive Mac

Best Software to recover Files from Formatted Drive Mac

Hard drives are the vital part of the system that stores all the important files and folders in huge amount that is either related to official work or even personal things. Hard drive retrieves digital information using rapidly rotating disc which is covered with the magnetic disks. It allows you to store different file types like .doc, .docx, .exe, .rar, .mp3, .jpg, .zip, etc. To extend the storage space you can make use of the other external storage devices such as Memory stick, USB flash drive, CD, DVD, Memory card, etc. You may come across the loss of crucial data from the hard drive partitions due to accidental deletion, sudden system shut down, hard drive crash, file system corruption, virus infection, etc.

Let us consider one of the scenario like you install dual operating system into the existing partitions. During this process system alerts a message displaying that partition space not sufficient to install the OS. You try to resize the partition to increase the memory space but you accidentally format the existing operating system. Thus your system hangs up and error message will be displayed as Operating system not found. This leads to loss of entire data stored on it. If you are facing this kind of problem then no need to depress, use formatted drive recovery tool that supports to get back reformatted drive data. Some of the other reasons for data loss in hard drives are mentioned below.

Most common scenarios for data loss in hard drive

  • Hard drive crash: Usually hard drive crashes because to the power surge or improper removal of the hard drive while it is processing some function. This will result in loss of huge data from the external storage device due to files system corruption that keeps all the information about the located files.
  • Inappropriate file system conversion: While converting file system from FAT to NTFS file system if any error occurs during this process then it result in inaccessibility of files resulting in huge data loss.
  • Header corruption: Header contains the information of data table, file allocation table, allocation block size, information about the blocks, etc. If this header gets corrupted due to some reasons then it results in hard drive corruption which leads to inaccessibility of files stored on the hard drive.

If you lost files from the hard drive because of the above mentioned reasons or the other then don’t worry because here you get the solution to recover your lost data by making use of the recovery software programs which is user friendly. This software provides the fastest recovery of data that supports to rescues files from formatted drive Mac easily. Some of the features of this utility are mentioned below.

Features of this recovery software

  • This utility has advanced built algorithm that scans each and every sector of the hard drive in searching for the recoverable data.
  • This software recovers data from hard drives of different brands like Samsung, Maxtor, OCZ technology, Seagate, Western digital, etc.
  • This software performs data recovery from FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX, NTFS5 formatted hard drive.
  • This software restore data from formatted USB drive, SATA, IDE, ATA, SAS and other types of different types of drives.

Hence this is the best utility that effectively in restores all your lost or deleted data. You can also download free demo version of this utility and evaluate recovery results. If you are satisfied by the demo version you can purchase its licensed version to recover your lost or deleted data permanently.