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Repair ZIP File

Software to Repair Damaged ZIP File

ZIP file format is mainly designed to save disk space, where it compresses multiple files into one single folder. It is most widely used to transfer large sized files over a network by compressing data into ZIP archive. This archive file can later be unzipped by utilizing WinZip software. However, sending large amount data in one ZIP file over an internet might cause severe damage to whole files compressed in it. Some possible scenarios that corrupts ZIP file are virus attack, bad sectors, improper download etc. When you encounter such situations, you will start worrying and searching for repair tool. But, no need to panic and surf more this ZIP Repair Tool is powerful and efficient software to fix all such circumstances in matter of time.

ZIP file corruption or damage can occur with fallowing reasons:

 CRC error is major cause for ZIP file corruption or damage: When you download any ZIP file via internet CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) will check for data integrity. That means, it checks for similarities among sent data and received data. If it does not match, then it will lead to CRC error in which WinZip software will fail to extract the files stored on particular ZIP file.

Incomplete Download of ZIP file: while downloading any ZIP file, if any sort of interruption like power surge arises. Then you will start receiving error messages. Due to incomplete transfer of files or abrupt shutdown of system, then ZIP file will get corrupt or damage and becomes inaccessible.

Virus attack: After downloading a ZIP file you will try to extract its contents, but due to severe virus attack it will result in corruption of ZIP file and gives error message like invalid ZIP file format which doesn’t allow you to extract any more. To know more information on ZIP file corruption or damage issues visit here:

Header file corruptions: Every ZIP archive consists of header file, which contain various information of file name, size, creation date, modification date, modified time etc. if sudden shut down of system due to any reason like power failure, it results in header corruption, then those important data in archive will be corrupted or damaged.

However, all the above reasons can be easily repaired using this ZIP repair tool, where it is virus free software to fix files present in corrupted ZIP archive. This ultimate repair tool can fix errors and allows you to extract entire compressed files like audio collection, pictures, video collections and other important files. This application has a special feature that helps you to find each and every contents in ZIP archive using “Find” tool, where it get backs files and can read information from corrupted ZIP file format like .zip or .zipx extensions. If any highly encrypted or password protected ZIP files can also be easily repaired and recovered by using this ZIP Repair tool. It provides intuitive technique to fix all types of CRC errors in just few clicks. A highly damaged ZIP archive can be repaired and it can create and store entire repaired files in new healthy repaired archive. In addition, you can use this application on any removable storage device like pen drive, flash drive, USB drive etc. This software is compatible to employ on all versions of Windows OS such as (Windows XP, 2008, 2007, 98, 2003 etc.)