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Repair Outlook PST file

How to Repair Outlook PST File

The common scenarios which leads to the corruption of the PST files are exceeding maximum size limit, infected by virus, spyware, software malfunction, improper exist of the MS Outlook application, etc. Among these, most of the Outlook users might have faced the situation where the PST file gets corrupted when it cross the maximum size limit. The erroneous situation that occurs when the PST file exceeds the maximum size limit are: Outlook PST file crashing, inability to access, send or receive emails, unexpected system shutdown, user cannot add new data in the PST file. MS Outlook is not able to handle the operations like moving mails from existing location to another, sending or receiving mails, etc. when the PST file gets oversized. You should be in a position to recognize the situation as soon as possible to avoid further corruption of the PST file. When the Microsoft Outlook unable to proceed or show some error message during accessing Outlook profile, this might be due to the corruption of the PST file. In such critical situation, to repair Outlook PST file, choose a reliable tool that has the ability to repair the oversized .pst files without any difficulty.  Repair Outlook PST tool can help you to fix corrupted PST file and restore data from corrupted Outlook PST file.

You can try to avoid these situations by taking some precautionary measures like splitting the large PST file, creating a new PST file and let Outlook to store the Outlook data in it by changing the default settings, cleaning up the junk email folders and deleting permanently the unwanted emails that are not used any more, compacting the PST file regularly in order to make the unused space available for storing the Outlook data etc. If you don’t choose the best repair program that helps to repair PST file and get back your data from PST file completely, then this might lead to the permanent data loss.

Repair Outlook PST program is used to mending the corrupt PST files and retrieves data from Outlook PST files easily. This software is virus free as all the products are digitally signed. This utility generates a new repaired PST file that can be easily imported by various versions of MS Outlook utility. Repair Outlook PST software recovers email messages along with other attributes like Calendar events, RSS feeds, Tasks, Journals etc. This tool repairs the PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. By using this software, you can recover the deleted or lost contacts after the corruption of the PST file. Easy-to-use trial version helps you out to examine the chances of recovery by allowing you to preview the recovered Outlook data.

You can download and install the free demo version of the software on your computer. Select the .pst file that needs to be repaired. Choose the appropriate scan method according to your requirement. Within few minutes your corrupt .pst file will be repaired and you can preview your Outlook data. The recovered Outlook data is stored in the new PST file where you have choose the destination of the .pst file to be.

Renowned App to Repair Errors in PST File

PST file can store Emails, Tasks, Junk Mails, Meeting Requests, Notes, Events, Appointments, Contacts, Calendar items, etc. in Outlook. The PST file is necessary for the Outlook to work appropriately. The Outlook is to be shared over internet to send email messages. At times, when you open the Outlook, you may receive an error message like “The outlook .pst is not a personal folder file”. When you look at the main cause behind such error message then you realize the truth that whenever you open the Outlook, it first reads the PST file header and then allows you to open the contents from it. This is as a result of PST file header corruption. Thus, to conquer this kind of circumstances there is a requirement to employ genial third party tool.

When your PST file gets corrupted, then your business communication stops. This kind of unpredicted condition puts you in trouble and you attempt to look for appropriate software to fix damaged PST file for your enhanced business communication. When you visit internet, you can find numerous tools and your problem begins to increase after finding those tools since you will be in bewilderment in choosing appropriate tool among them. Thus, in order to prevent this bewilderment you are recommended to use repair PST file program. It is designed in such a way that even a beginner can use it to repair PST file on Windows Operating System of all versions. It is compatible with all editions of Outlook profile. It will not damage the original file while repairing PST file.

The PST file gets damaged as a result of below explained scenarios:

Password Protected: You might have set a password to your profile and might have forgotten the password and type wrong password repeatedly. As a result of this, your PST file gets damage.

Sharing the PST file over internet: In the event you have shared a PST file in the office server then there are potentials of PST file header corruption due to changes done by folks over the internet.

Due to operating large volume of emails at a time: In case you operate large volume of emails at a time, the Outlook will not respond and it gets stuck in between this operation. Thus, there is likelihood of PST file corruption.

In all these scenarios, when you attempt to access the PST file, it will display errors like “Cannot find .pst file”, ”Outlook .pst has reached its maximum size”, “Unknown error 0x80040600”, etc. By means of this utility, you can fix all these kinds of errors. In the event, Scanpst tool does not repair corrupted PST file, then you can approve this influential program. As precautionary measures, never open PST file in the event of incessant power breakdown and keep your PC virus free by means of updated antivirus software. This PST error repair tool can repair PST file errors occur because of virus invasion, oversized PST file, inappropriate file compression, etc.

Built In Approach to Fix PST File without Scanpst

Are you encountering “scanpst32.dll cannot be found” errors while trying to fix Outlook PST file? Now, searching for reliable software to mend severely corrupted Outlook PST file which cannot be able to repair by scanpst? If true, then no need to panic and immediately download and install Outlook PST repair tool which can be used when Outlook Inbox repair tool fail to corrupted fix PST file.

At times when the corresponding Outlook PST file gets corrupt or damaged, so in order to resolve such issues you need to use scanpst.exe tool which comes along with Microsoft Office. Scanpst is designed and developed to diagnose and fix inconsistencies in PST file. But, sometimes you will start encountering unexpected errors which cannot be repaired by scanpst tool. To know more employ this user friendly software and click here to view video about how to repair PST file without Scanpst with utmost ease. This software is capable to perform rigorous scanning of damaged Outlook PST file to fix and rescue email messages, folders, calendar items, contacts, appointments, RSS feeds, tasks, journals, meeting requests, notes, folders, etc with utmost ease.

Reasons for Outlook PST file corruption:

  • PST file header corruption: The Outlook PST file consist of important information like file name, size, location, date, etc. If the corresponding PST file get corrupt due to virus attacks lead to inaccessibility of PST file.
  • Improper termination of Outlook: Sometimes while sending mail to your friend using Outlook if you will suddenly terminate Outlook in hurry. This might result in corruption of Outlook PST file leading to data loss.
  • Sharing PST file over network: Whenever you will regularly share the same PST file over a network can lead to corruption of PST file. Because multiple users share and modify same PST file at the same time can result in PST file corruption.
  • Outlook upgrade: While upgrading the existing Outlook version to higher version, it might increase the chances of corruption of existing Outlook PST file.

In order to mend corrupt Outlook PST file which cannot be repaired by scanpst.exe repair tool, you can readily make use of this highly integrated software named as Outlook PST repair tool. This software will corrupt PST file to rescue properties such as message body, to, from, cc, bcc, attachments, etc. This software can mend oversized PST file which gets damaged when it exceeds size more than 2 GB.

Make use of this top rated software to fix password protected PST file with high encryption. With the aid of this software you can fix corrupted PST file from MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, etc at your finger tips. This utility will fix damaged Outlook PST from Windows 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc.

How would you repair Outlook inbox?

There are number of sources which can be used to communicate with each other but all of them are not reliable. Emailing is the most reliable means of communication and by making use of emails we can communicate with the person anywhere in the world. Thus Microsoft developed a reliable mailing tool called MS Outlook which is highly preferred by most of the people for the fastest means of communication.

Outlook comes with different version like 2000, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010. This email client allows the user to create several folders and set rules as per their needs. Outlook items like inbox, drafts, contacts, tasks, notes, journal entries, appointments, events etc. are saved in a separate file called PST. PST stands for Personal storage table which stores all the Outlook items and the size of this file varies for different versions.

There are instances where this PST file gets corrupted and Outlook stop working so there is a need to repair Outlook inbox, contacts, tasks and other attributes of Outlook stored in this PST file and are lost if this file is corrupted. This can be done by making use of inbuilt inbox repair tool called Scanpst.exe but this tool will not work if the PST file is severely damaged. Here are some more causes which can corrupt your PST file and you may end up losing your important data stored in it.

Reasons for PST file corruption:

  • Power failure occurring when you are working on your Outlook causes corruption of PST file leading to loss of file.
  • Software conflicts while saving task or drafts can corrupt PST file resulting in data loss.
  • Sharing of PST file over a network which is not secure like internet, LAN or any other is the other main reason which might corrupt the file resulting in loss of file.
  • Corruption of PST file header as a result of virus attack also results in data loss.
  • Improper exiting of MS Outlook when the PST file is still being used.

So to overcome these scenarios there are some precautions which are listed below just have a look:

  • After the work is completed close the Outlook properly.
  • Updated antivirus software must be used to avoid virus intrusion on the PST file containing important data.
  • Keep proper backup of valuable data.
  • Power source used should be reliable so that abrupt shut down of the system can be avoided.

In case still you face data loss due to PST file corruption the only option left is to use PST file repair tool which can effectively repair Outlook 2007, 2010 including earlier version of Microsoft Outlook. This tool can repair highly compressed and password protected PST file and recover lost inbox, drafts, contacts etc. This software also helps the user to recover the emails which are accidentally deleted from “Deleted Items” folders just in few mouse clicks.

Download the demo version of the software and set the installation on the hard drive of your computer. Now run the PST file repair program and choose appropriate repair options which you get while working with the software. Once you are done with the file repair process you can examine the performance of the software. In case you are satisfied with the performance you can opt for the full version of the software available on the web.