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Outlook recovery utility

How to repair my Outlook PST files?

MS Outlook application provides an easy path to maintain our daily emails.  It is one of user obliging applications among all other application designed by Microsoft Company. It easily integrates and brings together all your emails, contacts, calendar events and other attributes in different folders. Outlook is accomplished with PST files to keep up your daily emails, reminders and calendar items etc. in cyclic manner and always keep the track of all its attributes. It is cooperatively protected and manages all incoming and outgoing mails in inbox and sent box respectively. You could have very essential mails, but suddenly you might lose all inbox mails or sometimes it might turn out to be inaccessible to you. There are so many unpredictable reasons to lose Outlook items.  You could even fail to recognize the reasons behind your PST files corruption.  No need to worry, to repair outlook PST files, you can use this PST repair utility which will surely identifies all the below mentioned problematic errors behind corruption and fix them successfully. Let’s see why Outlook PST files usually encounter with corruption.

Common corruption causes:-

  • Networking device failure: – Commonly, Outlook PST files exist on server, and you may endeavor to access it from your computer from network links. But network’s cards, cables, routers, hubs and any other devices having any interruption, then the isolated access of the PST files might formulate it to corrupt.
  • Virus infection or other software malfunction: – Many endangered viruses will contaminate and smash up complete Outlook PST files else turn them into inaccessible. In the same manner few software malfunction could make PST files to surrender under corruption.
  • Power stop working: – During opening your PST files on Outlook from your system, if your system turns off abruptly because of to power stop, then it makes to close up the Outlook application unexpectedly. Then all PST files could be corrupted.
  • Oversized PST files – PST files are limited to a boundary of its storing capacity. PST files appearing size more than the particular size limit will simply get corrupted.

These are the most common reasons to ruin your PST files due to which you will be unsuccessful to access your Outlook items. No need to be nervous when your PST files get ruined. This repair Outlook inbox tool will surely assist you to evade all this problems. This repair software is designed by software experts. It is supplemented with strong scan engine.

It easily repairs PST files produced on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and it can be also used to fix OST files. You can trustfully revamp all Outlook items which cannot be done by inbuilt tool scan.pst. Once the repair process is over means you can recuperate all emails emptied from folder or deleted from any other Outlook folders. This repair tool is most efficient to fix any sort of damage, after fixing it secures all PST files on new location with name and size. Using this tool you can use scan options like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” to fix rigorously corrupted PST files. It easily fixes all attributes of Outlook.

You can use the demo sort to evaluate its effectiveness. Simply download it and then run it, all corrupted and lost PST files will be recognized automatically and repairs them and make available to your sight. In order to save all repaired files you need to pay for complete version of this software.


The Best Way to Use Outlook PST Recovery Software

MS Outlook uses PST file format to hold data in it. PST represents Personal Storage Table and this is referred as personal mail storage. Outlook PST file stores all sub files and folders like, Inbox, Outbox, Draft, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Calendar, Contacts, Nourishes (Since Outlook 2007), Junk E-mail(Since Outlook 2003), Search Outlook(Since Outlook 2003), Tasks, Notes, Journals, Suggested Contacts(Since Outlook 2010) within it. These PST files can be found in different storage capacity as per its Outlook version like Outlook 2000 contains 2GB PST file, Outlook 2007 & 2003 contains 20GB PST files and latest sort of Outlook 2010 contains 50GB of PST file.

Consider situation, that you use Outlook 2007 in your Windows OS. While upgrading your Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010, your PST file get corrupt or damage and also you lost around 20GB existing data from Outlook 2007 PST file. In such kind of situation if you wish for Outlook PST recovery you’ll need to use Outlook PST recovery software. By using Outlook PST recovery software you are able to recover Outlook 2010 contacts, notes and even you can recover lost emails from damaged PST files.

There are a few more reasons due to which you might lose data from PST file and you also need Outlook PST recovery software to recover lost data from PST file. Some of those issues are explained below,

• While sharing of PST file over network if network connection get fails you can also find  PST file breakage.
• Data loss from PST file may be happen because of oversize of PST file.
• You may face sever data loss from PST file, if it is affected by hazardous viruses or Trojans.
• If you turn off system without closing Outlook application it results in loss of data from PST file.
• Unexpected system turns off as a result of power shortage while accessing Outlook data also one other reason for data loss.

So if you want to recover lost and deleted data from PST file then you can use the best Outlook PST recovery software. But tell you that it is always better to take precautions in order to avoid such type of loss of data. So you can,

• Keep updated antivirus in system.
• Keep good quality UPS.
• Don’t cross maximum sized PST file.
• Avoid use of PST file over network.

After following such precautionary steps still you are facing exactly the same data loss problem then its best approach to utilize Outlook PST recovery software. This software supports for the Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. As well as it is suitable for Windows all latest versions.

Outlook PST recovery software facilitate to recover lost and deleted data from PST file without any modification. Outlook PST recovery software program is the main one of the greatest award winning advanced recovery software. It’s powerful scan engine which assists to corrupted or damaged PST file in very short period of time period. Even though your damaged PST file is password protected then plus it helps to recover entire lost data from Outlook PST file. Moreover Outlook PST recovery software is obtainable in free demo version you can download and install on system to attempt for recovery.


Utility To Recover Lost PST File

Many people use Outlook to store their important data in their MS Outlook. Outlook is the application where you can store all your contacts, tasks, journals, personal details etc. But many of you are unknown about its storage capacity i.e. Outlook 2000 stores 2 GB data, Outlook 2003 & 2007 stores 20 GB data and Outlook 2010 stores 50 GB data. These are the maximum size limit of the Outlook relative to the Outlook version. If you try to exceed this storage capacity and you try to insert more data than its capacity then your Outlook data will get corrupt. Once your stored data from Outlook gets corrupt then you are unable to recover those lost data. To fix Outlook you have to use Outlook fixing tool. This software helps you to repair and restore all your lost data from corrupted Outlook.

Actually Outlook contains one file in which your all data get stored. The file is stored in .PST format so this file is calling that Outlook PST file. There are many scenarios are available due to which you may lose data from Outlook PST file some of those reasons are like,

  • Oversize of PST file: Storage of more data in PST files than its Maximum storage capacity limit in Outlook may leads to data loss from PST file.
  • Conversion of PST file: conversion of one Outlook version into another Outlook version during this there are the chances of PST file corruption.
  • PST file sharing over network: In Organization many people share one PST file over the network. If any interruption during accessing the file over network may causes to data los s from PST files.
  • Archiving of PST file: To maintain memory space of system some people prefer to archive PST file. If this process happens incomplete then your PST file gets corrupt.

These are the reasons due to which you may lose your stored data from your Outlook. With these above mentioned scenarios there are some more common scenarios are like, fluctuation in power during accessing Outlook application, suddenly turn off your computer while accessing Outlook, virus affected PST file etc. These scenarios also causes to the data loss from PST file.  But there is the way to recover and to repair this lost and corrupted data from Outlook.

You can download Outlook Repair software. This software works very efficiently which helps you to recover and repair your lost and corrupted PST file. Free demo version of this software is available; you can preview your recovery results with the help of this software. The software repair Outlook PST which is corrupted very badly due to oversize of PST file, conversion of PST file, archiving of PST file etc. The software helps to recover all your lost mails, contacts, journals, notes, personal information etc. The software is very easy to use anyone can use very easily. No need of technical knowledge to use this software, manual is provided which will guide you step by step. By using Outlook repair software you can get all your lost data from PST file.

Best Outlook repair utility

Outlook repair is the better solution when there is an instance of losing information stored in the PST file folder. It’s a common that we are aware nowadays all rely on email as the source of communication. The Microsoft Outlook not only contains the messages but also keep track of some of the important records such as journals, meeting requests, notes, rss feeds, task, task requests, attachments including the documents and images also includes properties such as subject, to, from, cc, bcc, date, etc.

This all information is been saved into a separate folder “PST file” which specifically works in saving all these records. But what if the PST file is been corrupted due to the memory capacity exceedation this happens because the limitation given in the Microsoft Outlook of 2 GB. To overcome this problem, there is a solution i.e. compacting of PST file while doing it there are chances of getting corrupted.

There are also other circumstances of losing PST files like unintentional deletion, partition corruption or repartitioning, formatting or reformatting, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

The above scenarios tend in losing the PST file which not only contains messages but also all the records residing in PST file. To overcome this problem, there always a third party utility like repair pst files application which helps in downloading the demo version to give clear idea in restoring the PST file.


  • Act wisely when there is a data loss circumstance, time constraint is important or else the information residing will be overridden and leads to permanent data loss.
  • The recovered information can be saved into the desired destination.