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How to Clean Up Browsing History

Usually, as you browse the internet everything you view is saved to the cache on your computer. However, browsing history is the information that Internet Explorer remembers and saves on your system as and when you browse the web. It includes all the detailed information you have entered into forms, passwords, and sites you have visited, which can help to make your browsing experience better one. On the other hand, sometimes when you are using a shared or others system you do not expect the Internet Explorer to remember your browsing data. Thus, anyone can gain access to things you have searched on internet explorer, soon after checking the internet browser’s history. Moreover, there are various ways to delete internet browsing history manually from the computer.

So, one of the best way to get rid of the internet browser history on the system is to delete them on the regular intervals of time. Since, most of us make use of number of browser at the same time on the computer or laptop, so, it’s quite tedious job to delete internet history from each of the browser installed on the system. Although, these manual steps are quite easy to implement but unable to clear browser history from different browsers. Nevertheless, unfortunately sometimes it becomes quite hectic to follow these tedious steps and consumes more time as well as wealth. Therefore, in order to overcome these unfortunate situations here is the fastest technique Remo Optimizer application that can permanently delete internet-browsing history from any types of browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

What Contents are Stored in Web Browser Application?

  • Browsing history: It keeps track of all the list of sites you have previously visited.
  • Auto fill form data: It consists of the information that you have entered into forms, such as email or a shipping address.
  • Cookies and other sites and plug-in-data: It provides the information about the sites store on your PC and remember your preferences, such as sign-in info or your location
  • Download History: It shows the list of files you have downloaded from the website. It only deletes the list not the actual downloaded files.
  • Saved Passwords: The password that you have saved for the web sites.
  • Cached images and temporary internet files: It consist of copies of pages, images, and other file content stored on your PC. The browser uses these copies to load content faster the next time you visit those sites.

Why you need to delete Internet Browsing History?

  • Normally, when you visit the web page or a website it will get loaded from the cache, instead of get loaded from main web server. Therefore, you may not get the live or updated content from that particular website.
  • There is a need to completely delete internet-browsing history in order to avoid others from accessing or monitoring your internet activities.
  • Usually, the temporary internet files can occupy more hard disk space and degrade the system speed and performance. In order to improve your computer speed and enhance internet-browsing speed, you should regularly clean up internet browsing history
  • One can experience web pages loading with high speed and helps you to increase internet-browsing speed as well as PC performance.
  • Free from viruses

Moreover, this software assures you cent percent assistance and protects your privacy after permanently deleting internet history and past user activities. This software facilitates you to delete Internet history, browsing history, Internet cache, Window temp files, recent documents history, cookies, run history, search history, address bar history, open/save history and more. With the aid of this software, it’s possible to permanently delete internet history including cookies, cache, passwords, download links, visited sites, etc from laptop of several manufacturing brands such as Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, etc. The software has been designed with integrated scanning algorithms to perform rigorous scanning of entire PC or laptop HDD within short span of time in order to provide the list of items along with search internet browsing history that you desire to delete.

In addition, one can make use this ready to use tool to schedule and clear browser history on daily or weekly basis. Furthermore, you can employ this award winning software to erase browser search history from Android based smartphone and tablets of numerous manufacturing brands such as Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, Micromax, HTC, Sony, etc. By making use of Remo Optimizer application you can forever delete all cookies, cache, temporary internet files, etc from latest versions of Windows OS (XP\Vista\8\7\Windows Server 2003, 2008), Mac OS X (Mavericks, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard) and Android OS Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, ICS, etc with great ease.

Advantages of using Remo Optimizer tool:

  • Increase Internet Speed: Most of the times, when your browser get populated with a large amount of browser history like address bar history, download history, internet cache and cookies, browser speed and performance on system get affected significantly. In such case, you can enhance internet browsing speed if you delete internet history on your system.
  • Renew Pages: Sometimes, due to some reasons if you are unable to delete browsing history and cache, when you revisit any website the latest version of this page is not shown. Only, browser shows the previous version of that webpage saved in cache. So, one should delete internet history from system to renew pages that you want to view.
  • Secure Private Information: When you want to avoid people from seeing see your browsing information; one should delete internet history and search history will really be helpful. After that, whenever you type some letter in the address bar, it will not suggest any site automatically.
  • Remo Optimizer application can delete internet history that is available on Amazon online shopping portal
  • One can get round the clock 24*7 hours of technical support via email and live chat services

Steps to delete internet browser history using Remo Optimizer:

  • Initially download Remo Optimizer application and install on your device successfully
  • Now, launch the application and click on “Optimize” option from the main screen
  • Next choose “Privacy Cleaner” under optimize menu to erase internet browsing history on your system
  • In next screen, choose “Clean Browser Junk” to delete browsing history
  • Further,  select browser from which you wish to clean browser history permanently and click on “Scan” option
  • Then, application initializes scanning process and wait for few minutes until the scanning process finishes
  • Finally, you will get a detailed report of deleted items