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Microsoft Office on Phones and Tablets

How to Use Microsoft Office on Tablets and Smartphones?

Have you ever tried to write a document on your Tablets and Smartphones? Typing up a something, but writing a memo for the office on a small Smartphone screen. How’d you like an app that makes it easier absolutely free?

Microsoft Office is the standard software for business, education and just about everyone else who needs to write, calculate and edit information. Microsoft has gone the distance and recent updates to the apps are exactly what you have been waiting for. Microsoft releases the Office for iPad, iPhone, Tablets and Smartphones. There are various different versions of Office for multiple version of Windows OS. Office 365 or Office online are the versions Office Smartphones and Tablets. To get more information,  visit this page.

Now, we’ll start with discuss with Microsoft own Tablet and Smartphone platforms, as they have the advanced features complete version of Office. Microsoft is clearly trying to use their own service to push their devices.

Windows Smartphone- Office Mobile

Windows Smartphone comes with a free version of Microsoft Office known as Office Mobile. Office Mobile is a simplified version of Office for Smartphones. It’s designed so you can create and view your Office documents and perform some basic editing on the screen of phone, not to function as a complete productivity solution.

Windows Tablets- Fully Microsoft Office

Windows 8 Tablets: Most Windows 8 Tablets don’t actually include Microsoft Office. Some Windows 8 inch Tablet and some 10 inch Tablets like ASUS T101 include Office for some reason.

Window RT Tablets: Windows RT Tablets include a free version of Microsoft Office, but it’s a bit limited. The version of Microsoft Office that comes with Windows RT devices is almost the same as included free full featured version of Office for Windows 8 Tablet.

iPhone and Android- Office 365: Microsoft recently provides “Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers” apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones, which you can install from Apple’s App Store or Google Chrome.  You also get additional one drive storage space and the ability to use the Office 365 apps for iPhone and Android. These apps helps you to create and edit documents stored in your one drive storage.

iPad and Android Tablets – Office 365 or Office Online: The Office Mobile for Office 365 apps were obviously designed for Smartphones and Tablets. There’s no simple way to use the full free versions of Office on iPads or Android Tablets. You can make to use the Office Mobile for Office 365 subscriber’s apps on iPad and Android, and you’ll be able to use the simple mobile interfaces.