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How to Repair Bad Frame Report in Divx?

How to Repair Bad Frame Report in Divx?

DIVX is a video file format which is used to compress a large video by using Divx codec. This feature allows compressing any large file and saving in limited space. These .divx files are based on avi container but they include some extra features like video menu, multiple subtitle and audio tracks. This is one of the most popular video file formats when it comes to size and quality of videos that are being played. What it actually means is that you can decrease upto 80% of the actually file size without causing any damage to the video quality. Although some of players like Media player classic and VLC comes with the ability to handle the bad frames and attempt to play the video files, but they cannot help Divx videos with severe multiple bad frames.

Some human errors while performing file conversion process, the Divx index file gets corrupted. As a result of which the video become unplayable. There are several other reasons for .divx file corruption. No matter what the reason is, whenever you need to perform divx repair bad frame report, you can use the software named Repair DivX Tool.

Scenarios that lead to corruption of Divx file

  • If your system is infected by virus then it leads damage to the DivX file, making them inaccessible.
  • Improper ejection of external storage media during the file sharing process.
  • Using the incompatible media players to play the DivX file has bad effect on DivX file.
  • The interruptions like network issues and system shutdown when transferring files from one device to another or downloading Divx file from internet.
  • If your changing the file extension from one format to another like from .divx to .jpg, then it leads to damage of DivX file.

No need to worry or to get tensed, if your DivX file is corrupt or damaged due to bad frames or any other above mentioned scenarios. Nowadays corruption of DivX file is normal. Worries are quite natural! You can make use of a reliable third party application that helps to fix bad frame report in Divx effectively. To overcome all these type of situation the best solution is to utilize Repair DivX Tool.

The Repair DivX software is the most recommended repair utility for fixing the divx repair bad frame report. This is because the repair software has been included with most repair options that will assist you to overcome even the rarest scenario that have caused damaged to Divx index file. Apart from that this utility has best interactive user interface that makes sure that each and every user can use this application without facing any problems. This Divx repair program is also included with options to repair XVID and AVI files much difficulty. Trouble free installing process can be carried out for Windows as well as Mac users.  This tool also fixes the DivX file stored in any storage drives such as pen drive, hard disk, memory cards, iPod and etc. This Repair DivX Tool is compatible with Mac OS X versions like Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion etc.