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Formatted SATA hard drive recovery

How to recover formatted SATA hard drive

What is a SATA Hard disk drive?

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard drives are the most preferred secondary storage devices in personal and workstation computers since they offer high data rate, point to point connection and easy cable management. It’s not only compatibility that is attracting users towards SATA devices, but the large data space for storage that allows users to keep the operating system, software as well as other crucial data. Due to which they replaced the slower parallel ATA / PATA interface hard disks.
Why you should be cautious about formatting?

Formatting can be a process of erasing all your data from the entire hard drive or from entire SATA hard disk drive. It leads to losing all your entire data. Before formatting a drive, you should take the backup of entire drive. Formatting might be done intentionally or accidentally. Whatever’s the reason, data will be lost.
Sometimes when you’re attempting to access data out of your SATA hard disk drive, you might get some errors and ask you to format the drive. These errors may be as a result of improper installation of the OS or because of file system corruption. In such case you’ll have to format the drive forcefully, and will not be able to take the backup also. Now you will lose your complete data.
In this situation, people think that all your data will be lost permanently and cannot be recovered. NO, they are wrong! You can recover your entire files despite formatting using software. This software can perform formatted SATA hard  drive recovery. The software is Recover formatted SATA recovery.
Do you know the situations in which formatting is performed ?

A few of the situations where formatting is performed are:

  • Virus infection to the File system results in formatting the whole drive
  • Reinstalling the Operating-system on the same partition
  • While installing dual operating-system on a single SATA hard disk drive
  • While reinstalling the OS you should format the drive, if you have not taken the backup of the data your entire data is going to be lost
  • When you are changing the file system, your drive should be formatted
  • Unknowingly selecting the wrong partition on the SATA hard disk drive and formatting it

Whatever could be the reasons behind formatting the drive; this software can recover all the files from the drive. It even performs formatted hard disk recovery for all types of drives like SCSI, IDE etc.

What are the main features of this software?

The main features of the software are:

  • Supports recovery of files from different hard disk types like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc.
  • Able to recover data from different partitions like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and others
  • With the help of efficient and fast scanning algorithm the whole drive could be scanned within few minutes
  • It can even recover the compressed files from NTFS partition
  • Can find the file from list based on the date of creation, file extension, name, size and type of the file
  • Restores the data from all external hard disk drives like memory cards, USB drives, SD cards, I pads, etc.

You can download the trail version of the software and check its working on this link and just follow these few easy steps :

  1. Install the downloaded software on your personal computer
  2. Run the software and you will get a list of three options among them select “Recover Partitions / Drive”
  3. Click on “Formatted / Re formatted Recovery”, and select the drive where data must be recovered
  4. Press “Next” and the scanning process starts
  5. You can view your files on the basis of “Data View” or using “File Type view”
  6. By using the “Preview” option you will see the file and judge the files for recovery
  7. To save the recovered files , you can purchase the software