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File Recovery

Tool to Repair Damaged Video File in Simple Steps

A video file contains audio and video streams separately, while playing video both streams get adjoined and flow accordingly. There are many video file formats such as MOV, MP21, MP4, MPE, AVI, MPG, RM, etc. To play these videos there are many video players like VLC media player, KM player, GOM media player, DIVX player, RealPlayer, etc. Videos can be converted to different file formats and also can be compressed to reduce its size in order to have free space on any storing device. These video file formats and video players are applicable for different versions Mac and Windows operating system. After all the availabilities and features of videos there are chances of corruption.

recover-erased-videosConsider a scenario: You have saved many important videos in your computer. Due to transferring of files from severe virus infected device, your videos got attacked by the virus and they are not accessible (corrupted videos). In this situation you will feel frustrated and will be trying to find the solution repair the corrupted videos. As we all know corrupted videos cannot be repaired manually and have to make use of reliable repairing software in order to repair corrupted video files.

Causes for damaged video file:

Video file header corruption: File header contains all the details of videos such as name, size, extension and date of creation. If the header gets corrupted due to any reason, then the video file will not be accessible.

Unreliable third party tools: There are many third party tools that are available for editing, changing resolution & extension of videos. Unfortunately many third party tools are unreliable and working on them may lead to damage of video files.

Unsupported media player: Media players are used to play videos and they support particular file formats. If you play video file in unsupported media player then there are chances of corruption of video file that intern cause inaccessible video.

Other reasons: Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are many other causes that are responsible for damage of video file. Some of them are due to interruption during transferring of video file, audio video sync, etc.

The most popular and reliable repairing software that is used throughout the world is Repair Video software. Using this software is safe because it opts for read only technique i.e. this software will only read the damaged video file and creates similar healthy video file without disturbing the original video file.

Significant features of Repair Video software:

  • Repair Video software repairs the damaged video file caused due to any reason in few simple steps, because it has user friendly interface and technical skills are not required to execute this software.
  • This video file repair software is available for different versions of Mac (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard) and Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) operating systems.
  • Preview option is available in demo version of this software for free of cost. You can repair damaged video files and preview the repaired video files but to save the repaired file you need to buy full version of this software.
  • If you need any assistance regarding this software or damaged video file then 24*7 technical support team is available.

Software to Recover Downloaded Files

Hi everyone, I have unintentionally formatted my E drive which contains project’s files, important documents, videos, photos, software and many more. It is very important for me to recover files. Is it possible to recover data from formatted drive? If yes, how is it possible? And which is the best recovery tool or software. Any kind of assistance will be appreciated.

The files and folders stored in the system hard disk are important. User collected the data from various sources like downloading from internet, taking from friends and so on. Sometimes disaster takes place, the files may be deleted or loss due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, viruses and Trojan attack to the PC and more. Data loss or deletion is frustrating and may occur at anywhere, anytime without warning the user. Then, user search for the file recovery download on the internet to restore deleted or lost files.

Normally, user thinks that after deletion or loss of files from the hard drive, it will completely lose and cannot be recovered. But, the truth is data remains in the hard drive it is not deleted permanently only the reference of that memory address is erased. So, that user can store new data on that address space. File Recovery Download Software is one of the most reliable solutions in recovering the loss or deleted files. This recovery tool is here to retrieve a file that is missing, lost or deleted from your PC, laptop or some other storage device.


Frequently occurring scenarios that causes deletion or loss of data:

  • While deleting unused files from the system user may make mistake. Instead of deleting unwanted files, user has erased an important data.
  • The hard drives are formatted with different file system such as FAT, NTFS, etc. If the file system of hard drive gets corrupted or damaged which prevent user from accessing the data and the entire data will be lost from that hard drive partition.
  • When transferring data from external storage device to the computer. The user might have removed or unplugged the external device unexpectedly this cause deletion or loss of files and folders.
  • The improper way of doing disk defragmentation process can result in partition deletion and the whole data stored in that will be lost.
  • After deleting files from the hard drive on Windows based PC, it stores in recycle bin. From here user have chance to restore it what if the recycle bin is emptied which cause loss of data.
  • There are few more cases where the data or files get deleted or lost due to shift + delete key command, file deleted by third party software, intrusion of malicious viruses, suddenly OS crashed and more.


Attractive function of File Recovery Download Tool:

This application is equipped with strong and powerful data extraction method for perfect retrieval of lost or deleted data. User can restore lost file software download which are deleted or lost due to formatted or re-formatted, hard disk partition deletion and much more. It allows user to recover data safely and securely without damaging the original files.

File Recovery Download utility can also retrieves data that are loss or deleted from different storage devices like memory sticks, USB derives, flash derives, external hard drives and many more. The restoration of files can be made on different interface of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE and SATA. This software also facilitates user to create disk image to bypass bad sectors. It also provides user to preview option for the recovered data.

Best Possible Way to Get Back Computer Files

Computer is becoming necessity for each and every educated person. Hard disk of the computer is primarily used nowadays for storing data. It is possible to store many media data and also document files on the hard disk drive of the system. However, you may lose your vital data that you’ve stored on the system hard drive. Many times you lose data by known reasons or sometime you might lose your vital data due to any unknown error. If file system of the computer hard disk has become corrupted because of virus infection or by other means then severe data loss is definite. Because after corruption of file system the link between data and file pointer has corrupted and data stored on hard disk drive become inaccessible. Situation become much more critical if you will not discover any system provided tools to rescue those data. But even during this circumstance don’t harsh!!! As Computer File Recovery tool can simply bring back lost file even with corruption of file system.

Sometimes if you have found various needless files on the system hard disk then you definitely want to delete those needless files. Then you definitely select several useless files and delete it by utilizing shift + delete keys. If together with your useless files you’ve shift deleted several of your important data than the situation really frustrate you. Because, data deletion in this manner can’t be rolled back normally on Windows based system.

The most common loss of data scenarios happens because of formatting of hard disk. Sometimes you have formatted your hard disk because of any sort of reasons. You might have formatted hard disk of the system because of severe virus infection on the system hard disk drive which makes it inaccessible. If before formatting of hard disk you haven’t verified the data stored with that particular hard disk drive partition as well as not created backup of the data then loss of your vital data is certain. If you need to computer file rescue you will need to utilize proper data rescue application.

Many times you have deleted data normally on Windows or Mac machine. Data deleted in this manner can reside inside Bin folder of Windows or Trash folder of Mac machine. If because of any reasons you’ve emptied Bin or Mac Trash folder then observe that accidentally you might have deleted several of your vital files. After emptying these deleted data items folder you can’t restore your vital deleted data easily.

You may also lose your vital data from Mac based system due to various reasons. The most common reasons of data loss on Mac machine is happen because of catalog file corruption. As catalog file of Mac OS is liable for recording information on data stored on Mac volume. You may also lose data on Mac machine due to Journal file corruption, header corruption or many times you lose data when Mac volume does not mount.

Computer File Recovery application is capable enough to rescue data that has lost because of any of these written loss of data scenario. In case you have lost your important data because of reinstallation of OS then it’s also possible to rescue your essential data with the assistance of this efficient application. If you want to know more about recovery of computer file click here

Suitable approach to recover data from storage drive

Hard disk solves out the most important problem of information storage, it is an internal storage drive. But as wherever the phrase data storage comes, loss of data might exist. As a result of which, users need to suffer a carious sort of loss of data issues such as losing an important emails, videos, photos, documents, presentations etc. Facing data loss problem is some sort of challenging situation for your users. Usually at such situation people lose almost all their hopes and believe that lost files can never be return back.

For all those users who lose their vital data form their system hard disk or from camera storage device, there is one tool named as recover file tool which can solve their data loss problem within few simple steps. So if you are one of them the without having to worry much, select a recovery oral appliance recover your lost data back. If lose your crucial photographs from your memory card, then with recovery you can easily recover photos from flash card.

Recovery tool can merely recover your lost data regardless of important computer data loss scenario. It may recover data in its original form with no manipulation. It will recover compressed files also. With the help of this tool you can even recover files after system crash. With the introduction with this application hard disk recovery becomes very easy. Check out on some loss of data scenarios, it will assist you to find the reasons of data loss.

  • Every storage drive has its very own file system, which keeps an increasing of all files and folders present in it. When the file system gets corrupts, it will cause loss of data.
  • In hurry to avoid wasting time, most users’ closes system from the ability switch, which ends up in the system crash.
  • Virus or malware infection on system can corrupt a number of the files on hard drive to make it inaccessible.
  • Deletion of OS file from hard disk drive brings OS crash and OS crash may also be another reason for data loss.
  • Deletion of files by utilizing shift + delete option deletes your important files from Trash can also.
  • Mistakenly formatting of drive will deletes entire data from your storage drive to cause a huge amount of loss of data.

With the aid of some precautionary steps users can avoid loss of data scenarios. There are a few precautions, which may protect your data from being lost:

  • Take a suitable backup of the important files.
  • Always shutdown system properly.
  • Before deleting any file confirm it first and avoid using of shift + delete button.
  • Update antivirus program once in a while every month in order to avoid virus attack.
  • Close application(s) properly, don’t quit directly.

If these precautions doesn’t works for you, then doesn’t worry, you possess an option to recover important data back with the use of recover file Software. To recuperate your lost file, initially try trial version of recover file tool. Possess a preview of all of the files that you want to recuperate. If you find that trial version done well for you, then for saving the recovered files download full version of the software.

Use of File recovery software


Is there any good recovery tool for recovering deleted and lost files during file transfer from one device to another device?

I lost some of my reputed files in the virus healing process by the antivirus program .Am I able to recover only a particular file from the deleted set of files?

I just formatted my memory card using my mobile device .Is it good to use a recovery tool in that card for recovering files?

My flash drive shows read/write error. Is it possible to recover files from turned down flash drive?

Is there any easy way to recover files that bypassed the recycle bin?

At present deleting datas and regaining them has become one of the frequent scenarios .There are many file recovery software available in the internet market that can raise the data alive from the dead. But it’s not assured that data recovery is hundred percent possible. It depends on the memory allocation of the data. Actually when a data is saved in a drive which can be cracked into two halves one is the actual data storage in a memory location the other one is pointer to that particular data .When the data is deleted only the pointer location to the data is set to zero i.e. there are good chance of data still available in the hard drive. The recovery tool will recreate the broken pointer which ultimately helps in gaining access to that file. Choosing a good recovery tool is not a tough task.

Virus related issues:

Of course virus and vulnerability is one of the major threat to the cyber society .It is difficult to heal them in both internet and stand alone applications. And recovering datas from that ocean is a head ache process. So it is better leave it to the recovery tool itself. To recover datas from virus affected disk needs the best recovery utility .Going for full versioned recovery software will be a wise choice. And only few tools provide recovery option of files by districting the actual files with the virus files. Free ware won’t be good because it is not 100% vulnerability free. One of the tools with such facility is given below

Why read/write error?

The flash card is one of the external storage devices which are highly used for its mobility and portability which can be accessed easily though almost many devices .Since it’s a storage device any type of file can be stored it depends on the device using the cards. Sometimes the files inside the flash card are inaccessible or it may show a read/write error. This is because of the fact that the card may be read/write in excess. That is the datas may be inserted or extracted at its maximum limit. As the NAND circuits inside the flash card have reached its maximum read/write cycle .If this situation is reached it will be better option for going to recovery software program. There is only certain tool that provides options for these scenarios. One of such tool is given below.

Some key features that drive the tool to its best are

  • Ø Free from vulnerabilities including viruses and malwares and passes the important cyber standards
  • Ø Covers almost all the file deletion scenario including files bypassing recycle bin, formatting, reformatting, partitioned drives, files lost during data transfer and file deleted by antivirus programs.
  • Ø One tool is capable of recovering almost all types of file formats including user defined files
  • Ø Single tool is highly enough to recover datas from both internal and external storage drives such as Hard disks, pen drives, flash drives, memory card and fire wire drives etc.

To download and install go for the inbuilt manual and follow the installation procedure .It is not recommended for drives with HFS file system as it refers to internal memory of an iphone device.