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Disk Eraser Tool

Effective Way to Erase USB Drive

Data security in most of the organizations is the first and foremost thing that company must take care about. In many companies, all employees spend numerous hours working over the internet and store their vital information on system like bank account numbers, financial report, PAN card number etc. People usually make use of numerous powerful approaches and fully protected passwords to preserve the data or anything which they do not like to disclose or share with anyone. Consequently to circumvent misuse of such confidential and personal information, it becomes crucial to completely delete all data from computer hard disk drive, especially when you are selling donating off your computer. In fact, even formatting, reformatting or deleting the entire information from computer hard drive does not mean that your entire HDD information is deleted permanently. Data remains on the hard drive until and unless it has been overwritten. Here arises the need of powerful drive wipe tool to erase entire data and make the complete information inaccessible by any means.

You may not be familiar with how to erase entire information from your hard drive, but you should be conscious of the erasing process. Computer data security is the major uneasiness for both business professionals and individuals, nowadays. If you would like to keep your information safe and secure, then you should consider clearing all information off from your computer using wipe drive software, whenever it is necessary. You might be thinking, what is wipe disk software? Well, it’s an application which is especially designed to delete all files from hard drive of your computer permanently. It can even detect and delete files and fodders that could be used to rescue deleted information. There is no enhanced way of erasing files from computer hard drive permanently than using good disk wipe tool.

What reason could you have wiping your computer hard drive completely? Well, if you personally or business decides to procure new computers, you may wish to wipe entire data from old computers. That will lookout against it to falling into wrong hands. Another circumstance where it could be very useful is if your company is going down in business and you want to sell or expose your computers. This is important especially for employers who have client privacy to consider. There’s no telling who will wind up in possession of the computers, after all. Simply using delete key or dragging info to Recycle Bin folder is not going to erase those files from computer permanently. You are possibly deleting short cuts, if you delete files in that way. Then it can take several hours and be totally useless for data security as it can be easily rescued.

For example, you would like to sell or dispose your old computer which contains your confidential and personal information to someone. Before selling or disposing it off, you delete entire data and format the drive accurately. But does it mean that all data has been deleted everlastingly from the computer hard drive? Actually, deleted data still stays on the same drive, but gets virtually inaccessible to the operating system and user. Formatting of hard disk drive does not remove data permanently, until the storage location is overwritten with new information. The files remain on the same stored sector of hard disk. It is just that path of your data gets erased. Data can effortlessly restored by good quality data rescue tool, which can leads in misuse of your confidential and personal information. Thus, in order to avert your information from falling in wrong hands, and everlastingly wipe data, you need to make use of efficient drive wipe software. This drive wipe tool systematically overwrites the existing data with values like 0 and 1 randomly and erases off the entire hard drive information permanently.

To erase your data permanently from computer hard disk, use the Wipe My Drive software, which permanently deletes your entire HDD data without any option of recovery. This software employs highly advanced algorithms to ensure complete eradication of information from hard drive. The highly enriched graphical interface makes the application easy to understand and use. This read-only utility is available for all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and many more. Besides computer hard drive, this tool can also erase external drives like USB drives, FireWire drives, flash drives, iPods, pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards etc. This tool is considered to be best tool to wipe USB disk permanently.

Using Disk Eraser to erase files securely

Why your data still exists on the hard drive even after deletion?

When we delete a file and empty the recycle bin, windows operating system will not delete the data instead it will just remove the link to data from the file system and mark the disk space occupied by the deleted file as available for use by new files. The actual contents of the file are still physically present on the hard disk until overwritten by new data.

This results in a serious security problem if you have sensitive data on your computer. Since data does not get permanently deleted, they can be restored using data recovery software tools.

In order to delete file beyond recovery, we need to use a Disk Eraser to erase the files securely so that it may never be recovered. A file shredder utility can ensure file or folder deletion beyond recovery.

Why do we have to permanently delete our files?

One should permanently delete files and folders so that no one can recover the sensitive or personal data. This is especially important in the following cases:

  • Sell the old computer
  • Give away or donate the old computer
  • Throw away the old computer
  • Sharing computer with family members or co-workers

Use of File Shredder:
In order to permanently erase data from the hard drive, use Remo File Shredder. This software ensures file or folder deletion beyond recovery. This software features nine highly secure shredding (deletion) techniques, any one of which can be chosen to delete data beyond recovery. This tool overwrites a file multiple times using complicated algorithm so that the file cannot be restored by any means.