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Data Recovery Software

How to Undelete Partition on Windows or Mac Machines?

Have you deleted your hard drive partition? Are you searching a reliable way to undelete hard drive partition? If yes, then just go through this article and easily perform data recovery from hard drive partition. After drive partition data deletion, people may like this deleted data have gone permanently from partition and cannot recover. But the recovery of this deleted data from hard drive partition can be done because after deletion of drive partition data, it is still present on the hard drive partition, only the pointer of which locates that data gets removed.

Data recovery from hard drive partition can be achieved by using an advanced program like Partition Undelete because there is no other way to restore data from drive partition. It is one of the highly suggested apps which have specially been developed for undeleting data from drive partitions. This tool has enough potential to retrieve lost or deleted data from hard drive partition by using simple few mouse clicks. Data deletion from drive partition can be done in any known or unknown ways such as accidental formatting, catalog file corruption, Windows Disk Management Utility failure, improper re-partitioning, file system conversion error, virus attack, etc.

Most common reason behind data deletion from hard drive partition:

Accidental Formatting: Behind the data deletion from hard drive partition, it is one of the most frequent reasons. During formatting storage device connected with the system, people may select wrongly drive instance of external drive and format it. This process erase the complete data present in the drive partition.

Virus Infection: Connecting any virus infected storage device with the system or downloading files from an untrusted website can also be a reason behind partition data deletion.

Bad Sectors: Damaged area of hard drive is known as bad sector. This area damaged due to improper uses of drive, power surge, or heating, etc. Due to increasing the number of bad sectors in hard drive partition, entire drive become unreachable by which people face data deletion issue.

In order to undelete data from hard drive partition which can be deleted in any way as mentation above, people can take the help of Partition Undelete tool. This software is available for both Windows and Mac based system and capable to restore data from hard drive partition very easily. It supports data recovery from drive partition which can support any file system such as FAT32, FAT16, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5 and HFSX. Partition Undelete application has been built by expert IT professionals by using advanced search algorithms which help in data recovery from partitions without any difficulty.

Partition Undelete software allows user to recover partition of hard drive data which can be manufactured by any world leading brand such as Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital and Buffalo. With the help of this ready to use program, people can also recover data from various other storage devices including pen drives, external USB drives, SSD, flash memory cards, SD cards, CF cards, iPods, Fire Wire drives, etc. This ready to use program is also capable to recover data from various hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. without any much difficulty.

Deleted File Recovery Software

Deletion of significant files is a heart-breaking experience for many people. Usually, many of us store essential information in the personal computer hard drive regarding security function. But, your daily life may be sorrowful if you remove any essential information from the computer. Additionally, you can encounter such removal situation in your memory card or some other USB storage device. Next to losing essential information, the majority of the users would like to know how to recover deleted files with ease. If it is your requirement, then you arrived at proper place. This particular application especially developed to bring back data in various deletion instances. There are plenty of scenarios like deletion through Shift + Delete keys, empty Recycle Bin etc in order to delete information from PC. But, no need to panic, it is possible to restore your entire deleted information and folders using this well known utility within few minutes.

Data removal through basic ‘Delete’ key offers you an option to restore them from Trash or Recycle Bin folder. But, a query may arise in mind that ‘How can I recover removed files’ if this possibility is not obtainable anymore. On this condition, this specific recovery program will be proper choice to obtain deleted information on your computer as a whole. By using this effective software, you will be able to execute recovery function on different Windows and Macintosh personal computer. If you need any help to recover deleted files, you can follow this link:

This prominent file rescue software will be helpful in most deletion circumstances. You may remove important information unintentionally at the time of deletion of worthless files. Right after emptying Bin folder, in case you realize that a few of deleted information is important, then make make use of this effective application for quick restoration. Sometimes, you will be unable to retrieve deleted document from Recycle Bin manually when it is bypassed over this folder due to lack of space. In any of such situations, you can use this recovery program to extract all types information. Using this software, you can obtain photos, documents, music files, emails, video clips and even any almost any application. Not only after simple deletion, you can also restore Shift deleted photos on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 7 along with other major versions. It supports restoration of different types of picture file such as PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF or RAW files.

This application has numerous beneficial features on deleted file recovery from different storage media devices. This specific data recovery software supports erased file recovery on FAT 16, ExFAT, FAT 32, NTFS5, NTFS etc formatted drives depending on the unique file signature. Use this application to extract files from hard disks (SATA /PATA / SCSI /IDE and so on ), Thumb drives, memory chip (SD, CF, xD, MMC etc) or any external hard disks. Besides deleted file recovery, you may also employ this to restore greater than 280 kinds of lost data files.

Primarily, you are able to download and employ the trial version of the application to evaluate its performance. After installing it, launch this application and select ‘Recover Files’ from Main Window. Then, you need to select ‘Recover Deleted Files’ alternative and then choose appropriate drive from where you need to recover deleted files. Now, recovery process begins and after that, all restored information will be shown to for preview. If you’re satisfied with obtained result, purchase it to save all retrieved data.

How to unformat hard drive

Have you been worrying about lost office files after accidentally formatting hard disk drive? If yes then do not worry, still there are chances to obtain back those lost files. Now you could imagine that how is it very easy to recover files after formatting hard drive. It is possible, because whenever you format hard drive data within that partition will not likely delete permanently and resides on hard drive by making those deleted data space intended for storing other data. In this case, by making use of file recovery software, it is possible to regain those formatted data before overwritten by other data and results in permanent loss of data from hard drive. This can be the best hard disk recovery utility to carry out hard drive data recuperation on both Windows and Mac based OS machines in a couple of minutes. It contains effective algorithms, which assists to execute deep scanning of formatted hard disk to locate lost files and folders, and retrieves them back with not much effort. It is capable to rescue over 300 file types includes audio, video, pictures, documents etc. from formatted hard disk. Moreover, it supports file recovery from USB drives, memory card, external hard drive, iPod etc.
What scenarios cause you to be to format the hard drive?
Suppose within your hard disk, you might have only Windows OS however, you needed Linux OS to perform network related applications. Therefore, you may install that OS on the unwanted partition but while deleting partition D if you accidentally or unknowingly delete partition E that contains vital office documents that leads to a huge loss of data. In this case, use data recovery tool to recover data after hard drive format in a simple way.
Virus threats are serious subject in corruption of partition in different storage devices. Once you connect virus infected USB devices to copy data, sharing virus-infected data through the internet and downloading virus infected data stuff then virus easily spread into the hard disk drive and corrupts partition table. When partition table gets severely affected by these virus attacks then that partition can be inaccessible and results in a huge loss of data. Unless formatting that drive you cannot store other data into that drive.
Using disk management tool is employed to create, modify, and delete the existing partition in hard disk dynamically. In the event that, when you are modifying any existing partition applying this tool in case you delete partition information accidentally then that partition become inaccessible. In this case, you do not have another option to access that drive data so finally, you should format that drive.
In a hard disk, already an existing file system can convert to other file system by dynamically. Converting file system from FAT32 to NTFS file system is acceptable and it works. However, if transferring file system from NTFS to FAT32 file system and then there is probability of file system corruption to result in inaccessible drive. At this time, you have to reformat hard drive gain access to data contained in another partition. Whatever be the reason for formatting hard disk drives, this tool makes user easy for retrieving lost data from hard drive after formatting on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 etc. Moreover, it helps user to perform file recovery from hard drive after inaccessible.

Method for erased files recoup

Deletion is one of the common activities done by computer users in order to get rid of junk files from system hard drive. There are number of methodology by which any file can be wiped out of hard disk like use of Delete command, Shift Delete combination key, Deletion from command prompt, etc. Though this key are beneficial, sometime due to some improper activity of user or system causes permanent loss of files from hard disk drive which can’t be even located at Recycle Bin Folder of Windows operating system. When such type of issues arises users need not panic since such catastrophic situation can be reverted by making use of Computer File Recovery, which has got all the potential to revive data from hard disk in the same format as it was prior to deletion.

Mainly data from computer hard disk gets erased permanently due to users personal error like deletion of files by making use of Shift Delete combination key. Shift Delete combination one of the advantage provided by Windows operating which ensures that files when deleted using this keys, doesn’t get stored at the Recycle Bin. But, sometime such an option proof to be catastrophic, when used on some important files unintentionally. So, what must be done in such circumstance?? Users can reclaim these lost files in a very optimized way making use of the aforesaid tool, which exactly meets the requirements of the users. To gain more idea about this hd file recovery tool you may visit, its website:

Probably other prominent cause of permanent file deletion unknowingly from system is due to use of “Empty Recycle Bin” command over the Recycle Bin Folder. Let’s assume one of the circumstance which may tend any user to such state of affair. Suppose you have been using your system for quite a long period of time, due to which lot of dummy files have allocated at different location of hard disk there by making it slow in functioning. So, in order to get rid of such problem, you deleted number of files from different location of hard disk like temporary file, recent files, browser history, etc. When you visited Recycle Bin, instead of deleting them one by one you applied “Empty Recycle Bin” option located on Recycle Bin folder, without taking any heed to see that “Is there any important file?” However after some interval of time you realized that you had deleted some of the files unintentionally which could have been recovered from Recycle Bin Folder. So, what is to be done in such state of affair?? Such files user can recover deleted files from PC by making use of the given tool. Apart from this described scenarios there are other reason which may cause permanent loss of files from hard disk which are deletion from command prompt, use of any third party software, deletion from Recycle Bin Folder, anti-virus use, etc.

This utility has got one of the best scanning algorithm which scans entire hard disk and delivers anticipated data by just clicking few steps. It can perform revival of variety of multimedia file formats ranging upto 300 popular files like mp4, mp3, avi, DivX, mov, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, etc. Computer File Recovery has got very much user friendly graphic user interface which can be implemented by expert as well as novice equally. Data which has got deleted from hard disk due format can be recuperated by making use of this advantageous application. Specific file formats can be retaliated by making use of different details of file like date of creation, name, size, type, etc. Recovery session can be created which can be later used for performing revival of data later. This software provides users with option to save data on desired location in safe and sound way. Also one of the other reasons for data loss from computer is due to obstruction while performing cut paste command.

So, this tool can be easily implemented by users so that there desired files may be reprised by utilization of this program. So, any user who is in need may get this gorgeous application, which can be easily downloaded from internet for trial use.

Perform File Recovery on Mac

Mac operating system is based on UNIX platform, which provides multitasking feature in order to make Mac computer work more quickly. Mac OS is setup for multiuser that is, it make possible for several users to set up their personalized work on same computer without the risk of accessing, deleting or changing any other user’s files. Every Mac computer has a hard drive as a secondary storage device, which stores all its data. Moreover, you can also connect external storage drive to your Mac like external hard drive, USB flash drive, flash card etc. Mac Operating System use HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file system.

Though Mac computer is called as the most secure and virus immune system, then also its users are facing data loss problem.  Have ever encountered with data loss situation on your Mac machine? Then you need some powerful software, which can recover your system data back. Mac recovery tool is the appropriate one. This software will recover your formatted/ accidentally deleted files from Mac system hard drive within few simple steps.

Recovery is achievable because, when you deleted any file from your system HDD or format it. It doesn’t erase for forever. It remains on drive itself, only the pointers which are directing its storage location is set as free. So, if you didn’t add any new on these free locations you have a chance to recover your lost /deleted files back. Before recovery, you should understand the reasons that can cause data loss.

Data loss scenarios

  • Improper termination of system: Usually in hurry, some people shutdown their system from the main button. Due to which they lose some of their files from system hard drive. Sudden power failure is second most reason for improper shutdown.
  • Formatting a drive or volume: Sometime for clearing a drive data you format it. But later on you realized that the formatted drive was having some important files. At this case if don’t have a proper backup of those file, then you will lose your entire drive data.
  • Ignoring warning messages: In case you remove your external drive without choosing safely remove option. This improper ejection of drives may delete some files from your external hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion of data: Sometime while deleting one file accidentally, you delete another file. If you delete those file by using command + delete option, then it is emptied from trash and causes data loss.
  • Catalog corruption: Catalog file is an important file that helps users to find any files or folders from their Mac machine hard drive. If this it gets corrupt then you lost the way to access your crucial files.
  • Other reasons: Journal corruption, volume header corruption, OS reinstallation are the other three reasons which results in huge data loss.


  • Generate a backup of your important data before formatting and reformatting.
  • Turns off application properly after finishing the work.
  • Choose strong power source for your system, to prevent abrupt shutdown.
  • Don’t remove external storage drive forcefully.
  • Deletion of file must be done carefully.

Above precaution are only few and it doesn’t works everywhere, as there are number of unknown situation which occurs randomly without users knowledge. If you are experiencing any situation then do not worry, there is always a way to any problem we just need to find it. And Mac recovery tool is an optimum solution for handling Mac related data loss problem. This application will solve any kind of data loss problem within few simple clicks.

This application is 100 % safe and secure to perform Mac data recovery. It recovers lost/deleted files in its original form without any modification. It can identify photos or other files with the help of its extension. The software contains in-built deep scanning algorithms to find out and recover files from the Mac hard drive. To recover your lost/deleted files form Mac machine, just download free demo version of Mac recovery application from here and examine the result of demo version. If you’re satisfied with its outcome, then purchase its full version and save your recovered files.






Techniques to recover data from WD hard disk drive

There are several kinds of data storage devices like memory card, compact flash cards etc. are available in the market, but they provide less capacity to store data. In this developing world, where people wish to store more and more data there comes a necessity of external data storage devices. A WD hard disk drive is among the best solutions for this problem which can store data up to 3TB.

Western Digital hard drive is a portable device and can be carried from one place to another into various digital camera bags. The file transferring speed of this external drives is fast where one can transfer 1 GB of data within a fraction of seconds. As we all know that none of the products are perfect you can even lose your significant data stored in these Western Digital external HDD because of accidental deletion of data, unintentionally or purposely formatting the hard drive.

Consider yourself in a situation in which you connected WD hard drive to your system through USB port to transfer some important files. Suddenly your computer terminated due to power failure and the process was not executed properly. Later when connected the WD drive once again to the computer you were unable to access the data and hence you lost all your important data stored in it. This should be one of the most unbearable situations since the data was very much essential for you. Now are you searching for some data recovery tool which can successfully help you out to perform WD hard drive file recovery?

Then you’re at the right place, just try get back file recovery software which can easily restore deleted or lost data from Western Digital external hard drive. But, it is very much necessary for you to be familiar with some more data loss scenarios which are as follows:

Common causes of data loss from WD hard drives:

  • Data loss because of FAT table corruption.
  • Loss of data as a result of formatting WD hard drive or any other storage device by mistake.
  • Generation of bad sectors on the external hard drives leads to data loss from that particular sector.
  • Usage of non updated version of antivirus software may act like a virus and delete infected files.
  • Removing Kingston memory card or any other data storage device without using proper exit option can corrupt the device resulting in loss of data.

These are a few causes of data loss which might occur in your future while using different data storage devices. However, it is now simple to restore the data lost by making use of get back file recovery application which is highly reviewed by professionals. This software can also perform Kingston memory card recovery and restore data from Kingston memory card which is deleted or lost because of any kind of corruptions. This utility can scan the storage drive deeply by using powerful scanning algorithm and recover files from formatted WD hard drive within less time. It can easily run on all the updated versions of both Mac and Windows OS. Additionally it can restore data from different brands of external hard drives like Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung etc. just in few clicks of mouse.

First evaluate the trial version of the recovery software and install it on your system. When you are done with the installation process you can run the software and choose appropriate recovery options which you face while using the software. When the data restoration process is completed you can check the performance of the software. If you are pleased with the recovery results you can opt for its full version available on the internet.



Restore data from formatted dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron laptop is used by many people. The different versions of Dell Inspiron are as follows: Dell Inspiron 1525, Dell Inspiron E1405, etc. Have you ever thought what will happen if you formatted your Dell Inspiron hard drive? Sometimes, you may lose your data after formatting the hard drive, then don’t worry as it’s very easy to get back your lost or deleted data with the help of hard drive recovery software. This tool is helpful in data recovery after format. This software can carry out signature search to recover each and every lost file from the formatted hard disk. Now, let’s move on to the circumstances in which you may format your hard drive. Some of them are discussed below:

Accidental formatting the wrong partition: You may have unintentionally formatted the wrong partition of drive by using Windows Disk Management utility or Command Prompt. For example, assume that you want to format the Drive D. If you have format the Drive E unintentionally instead of Drive D then all the data stored on Drive E will gets deleted instead of Drive D and therefore resulting in data loss.

Due to format Error: When the partition of your drive becomes RAW then it might display an error message, which displays that the partition is not formatted properly and ask you to format the hard drive. If you click on No button then you will get the same error, which does not permit you to access the data. If you click on Yes button then your hard drive gets formatted leading to data loss.

Due to Operating System crash: If your Operating System crashes because of some reasons then you need to re-install the OS to get an access to the drive data. During re-installation of OS, you may be asked to format the drive. If you format the drive without taking backup of your data then you will lose your complete data and will lead to data loss.

Format the drive because of virus: If your computer is severely infected by viruses and you are not able to remove those harmful viruses by using an antivirus program then the only way is to format the drive. Formatting the drive eliminates all the viruses and also increases the system performance. But, it deletes the data stored on the hard drive hence you should take a backup. If you forgot to take a backup then you might end up in losing data.

Hard drive recovery software can restore data from formatted Dell Inspiron. It allows you to create the disk Image of the drive that contains the bad sector and later recover the lost data from the disk image file. The software can also retrieves the lost files from Kingston USB drive along with supports file recovery from flash drives of Transcend, SanDisk, Sony brands etc. You can download this tool for the recovery results.





How to perform corrupted memory card recovery

Memory card is a portable data storage device. It is used in digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, MP3 players and other electronic devices to store digital data. Since flash memory technology is used in memory cards, there is no need of power to retain the stored data. There are various types of flash memory cards are available in market like Secure Digital (SD) card, Compact Flash (CF) card, Memory Stick, Smart media, etc. Nowadays memory cards are coming with high data storage capacity that is up to 128 GB. One can store large number of photos, videos, music, text document etc in memory card.

Similar to hard drive, memory cards also makes use of file system to store data in a systematic manner. In order to install file system, memory card needs to format at its first use. Even though memory card has all the advanced features, you may lose data due to memory card corruption. Still you can perform corrupted memory card recovery by making use of some third party tools. Memory card may get corrupt due to various reasons such as virus infection, power failure, improper ejection of memory card, improper shutdown of computer, file system corruption etc. In order to retrieve photos from CF card corrupt due to file system error and other corrupted memory cards, one can use memory card recovery software.

Some of the other scenarios where how the memory card gets corrupted and data loss occurs from the card are explained below.

  • Low battery condition of your digital camera leads to data loss. Capturing photos with digital camera which is having low battery causes memory card corruption. All files stored in corrupted memory card become inaccessible.
  • Improper shutdown of your computer may also results in data loss. If your system turned off while transferring data from your memory card to computer leads to memory card damage, which ultimately put you in loss of files.
  • Accidental formatting of memory card is the most common reason for data loss. Sometimes after inserting a memory card in your digital camera you may receive error like “your memory card is not formatted, do you want to format it now”, then mistakenly you may select format option. Then all data from your memory card disappears within few seconds.
  • One more reason for data loss is virus attack. Virus can corrupt files partially or sometimes it will delete complete file. Main reason for virus is browsing some third party websites and downloading contents from them. The downloaded content from unauthorized website can also open ports for viruses.

There are many other reasons for loss files from the memory card. Whatever might be the reason, you can recover memory card data by using advanced data recovery software like corrupted memory card recovery tool. This software easily recovers data from corrupted memory card with its strong inbuilt scanning algorithm. This software also supports recovery of files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExtFAT partitions. One can also recover data from hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive, iPod etc by using this software. You can download demo version of this software to evaluate the probability of memory card recovery.