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Best Way to Recover Video Files from Formatted CF Card

Compact Flash Card is a flash memory mass storage device which is mainly used in electronic device such as digital cameras, iPods, Cell phones, tablets, etc. Compact Flash Card was first manufactured by SanDisk in 1994; it is also called as CF card. It is portable device and can be used to store important data like text documents, videos, audios, movies, and many more. When we compare CF Card with other memory cards it has large size due to which it is still most widely used in digital cameras.

However, there might be situations where your important data stored in CF card may get erased due to some scenario like accidently formatting CF card, damage or corruption of CF card, etc. if in case you have lost any of your valuable data due to any drastic situation then don’t worry; in this article you will come across simple way to recover video from formatted CF card using reliable solution known as Video File Recovery Software. But on one condition, you can able to retrieve data from formatted CF card. If you are not overwritten formatted files with other data on this CF card.

Actually, the data that is stored in CF card are not removed immediately soon after formatting or deleting any data. Instead it is marked as available space by file system, unless new files are saved on the card there are possibilities of data recovery. You should take care about this and immediately stop using CF card after formatting and take measures to recover video from formatted CF card. If you don’t have back up of important data, the professional Video File Recovery will help to regain your files. This wizard provides you comprehensive video file recovery from formatted CF card with ease and it can also rescue data from other storage devices like SD card, Memory Stick, etc. It conveniently recovers data from Windows and Mac operating system PC’s.

Reasons behind loss of data from CF card:

  • After recording videos from digital camera don’t remove or turn off CF card while camera is still reading or writing to the card this may lead to loss of data.
  • When you connect CF card to PC for uploading videos from card, then in this process if CF card is not properly ejected from PC then there may be deletion or corruption of data.
  • If file system of CF card is damaged or corrupted because of bad sectors in CF card then the card fails to read the files stored on it and make the data inaccessible to users.

There may be few more reasons for loss of data in CF card, apart from above discussed scenarios such as accidently formatting CF card, due to intrusion of viruses, combination of shift & delete key, etc.

Best Features of Video File Recovery Software:

  • Video File Recovery is the best software to recover video from formatted CF card and it is most recommended by IT professionals.
  • This application is capable of restoring all types of file formats like mp3, wav, MOV, 3GP, AVI, JPEG, PNG files without any difficulty.
  • Using this utility you can retrieve videos from other storage devices such as memory card, pen drives, camcorder, external hard drive, etc.
  • It supports retrieving of data from different formatted partitions drives like FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, ExtFAT.
  • This tool also has special features to arrange the retrieved files based on their name, size, date and file type.