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Best software to restore data from Hitachi external hard drive

Perhaps you have accidentally formatted your Hitachi hard drive connected to your Mac based computer through USB port? Now are you worried and thinking whether the data recovery after formatting the external hard drive is possible? Just relax; you can easily restore the lost data only if you have not added any new data on the formatted hard drive. Now the question comes how the data recovery is possible? So, hard drive recovery software is the best answer for your question since this software can effectively recover lost data from formatted Hitachi external hard drive. This hard drive recovery software is highly reviewed by industry experts and it can efficiently carry out Hitachi external hard drive data recovery just in few basic steps.

Now-a-days, external hard disk drive is among the most vital part of everyone’s life since they are able to store amount of information in digital form. These external drives can work with Mac as well as Windows based computers. There are many brands of external hard drive which are seen in the market for example Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate and many more. The size of these external hard drives is small and can be carried very easily inside the pocket anywhere you go from one place to other.

External HDD are usually used like a backup device and a lot of you people think that the data stored on these devices remains safe and secure for the life time. Nevertheless, this is not true you might lose your important data because of some sought of causes like corruption, power outages, accidental deletion and many more reasons which occur suddenly while using the device and remain unknown. Here are some of the data loss scenarios that you must be familiar with so that you can avoid its occurrence in your future.

Factors that cause data loss from Hitachi hard drive:

  • By mistake deleting some crucial files while removing unwanted file from Hitachi hard drive.
  • Any type of interruptions occurring while transferring files between computer and external hard drive or vice versa.
  • Corruption of file system makes the data inaccessible resulting in loss of data.
  • Virus intrusion on the Hitachi external hard drive from online or from the system corrupts the file structure of the drive causing data loss.
  • Making the external hard disk drive as bootable disk without taking proper backup of present files to some other secondary storage devices leads to loss of data.

How file recovery is possible by using hard drive recovery software?

Whenever you format the external hard drive unintentionally or intentionally then formatting will not delete the data permanently from the hard drive. The data remains intact until it gets overwritten with new data. Thus you can try hard drive recovery software which can effectively recover external drive data with the aid of file extensions. This application can even restore files from other portable data storage drives like memory cards, USB hard drives, GOFlex external drives, flash drives, thumb drives etc.

Try the free version of the tool and install it on the hard disk of your computer. After installation process double click on desktop icon to run the application and select proper recovery options which you get while utilizing the tool. Once you’re done with the data restoration process you can evaluate the results and if you are fully pleased with its performance you can purchase its full version available on the internet.