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Here’s all About Choosing a Right Media Streaming Device

It is quite difficult to detect the best working media streaming device and this is because of availability of many sources around us, we are happy to find many apps around us for performing our task and as the expectation, these apps works in a correct manner and complete our task in a hopeful way. So till now, there are no worries about the usage of these apps. But the real task appear when you see the same thing available in an plenty number as in this case, you will even get confuse which is needed and which one you have to select the app in order to complete your task.

Eventually, you will select one of the apps, out of all to perform your task in a quick manner. The real problem starts when you have the more number of apps to perform the same task. Here, you need to know about the different apps and from this; you can select any one of it to complete your task. Like all the way, there are numerous of apps available for watching the streaming video, here in this article I would like to compare the following apps so that you may get an idea of selecting an app.

Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV

Different Streaming Media Devices Available:

Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, etc are some apps which available for you and these all apps works for the same concept that is these are all for streaming media. When you compare these devices you mat won’t find much difference in these apps, but these are have some or other features for which it has been use by the same person. When you see about the Amazon TV which is available at $99 and the starting price of this TV is $39 which is much reasonable and when you speak about the Apple TV which is an branded device of all the others, you can get to your home or office at a price ranging from $69 to $ 199 which is somewhat costlier than the Amazon TV, but equipped with an incredible features and also contain more number of applications as its supports on all the Platforms.

In the same case, when you see Chromecast which is available at just an $35 works well for the media streaming and also Roku which can cost in between $ 50 to $ 130. Nexus player which is of same models cost at $100 and also similar properties device Nvidia Shield Android which is available at $200. These devices works for the same but differ in their specifications and price as you see it above. So if you are willing to buy any device then make sure about the specifications, features and also price and then select the right device for media streaming.

What’s New in Apple iPad Pro?

Now-a-days everyone is using laptops or computers to do their work. Most of the people adopt these devices because of spacious keyboard, nice design, big screen, powerful processor, etc. but there is nothing special in that. Now tablets came into market and giving tough competition to laptops, PC’s etc. They are always portable, contains big screen, extra battery power, etc. due to this they are also becoming powerful in the market.What’s New in Apple iPad Pro?

From the last four years Microsoft is designing Surface line of tablets, but now Apple want its share of the pie. Apple believes that it can do the same with its Apple iPad. Its new iPad Pro is being announced as its productivity centric tool, a tool that can help you to get your work done and also consume the content with great effort.

Features of Apple iPad Pro:

  • Design and Quality: Apple has taken the design of iPad Air and adapted the same design to the larger canvas of Apple iPad Pro. It has the diamond cut chambers which makes the iPad to look smarter. It weighs 723 grams, and 6.9mm thin which means it is thinner and lighter than Microsoft Surface Pro even though it has big screen. With its screen you can easily read the articles on web and can handle it easily with one hand whereas the Surface is heavier and uncomfortable to use.
  • Display: The display of the Apple iPad Pro brings more beauty to its design. It is one of the most advanced big screen display that is released in market with its stupendous 2048 X 2732 pixels resolution. The display sharpness is more than the sharpness of 15-inch MacBook Pro. The resolution of Apple iPad Pro helps the user to run two iPad mini apps side by side. Apple claims that it is using the technology from 5K Mac and has a variable refresh rate, i.e. it cycles between 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second for images and videos.
  • Accessories: Like Microsoft surface tablets, Apple also comes with keyboard. The keyboard is made up of fabric. With the help of keyboard one can use the iPad Pro as Mac because it supports all the shortcuts that will find on Mac, but attaching the keyboard is little bit difficult. You can also sketch on the tablet with the help of Apple pencil. This powerful tool is used for annotation, scribbling and also for drawing purpose. It also optimized apps like Notes, Mail, Paper, and Microsoft Word. The problem is that as iPad Pro consists of Bluetooth so you have to charge it again and again.
  • Software: For designing Apple iPad Pro, Apple has a done a bit to optimize Apple iOS 9 which is the Apples newest operating syste. You can pull new app from the right and enter split screen mode. You can also copy and paste across the apps. If you want to switch an app then drag down from the top and get a selection of apps that you can use in split screen mode. Apple iPad doesn’t support USB and it doesn’t have a mouse.
  • Battery Life: when compared to Surface, Android tablets or any Windows, Apple iPad Pro has excellent battery power. It can long last for 11 hours with heavy usage and it is not necessary to carry the charger.

Tool to Repair Damaged Video File in Simple Steps

A video file contains audio and video streams separately, while playing video both streams get adjoined and flow accordingly. There are many video file formats such as MOV, MP21, MP4, MPE, AVI, MPG, RM, etc. To play these videos there are many video players like VLC media player, KM player, GOM media player, DIVX player, RealPlayer, etc. Videos can be converted to different file formats and also can be compressed to reduce its size in order to have free space on any storing device. These video file formats and video players are applicable for different versions Mac and Windows operating system. After all the availabilities and features of videos there are chances of corruption.

recover-erased-videosConsider a scenario: You have saved many important videos in your computer. Due to transferring of files from severe virus infected device, your videos got attacked by the virus and they are not accessible (corrupted videos). In this situation you will feel frustrated and will be trying to find the solution repair the corrupted videos. As we all know corrupted videos cannot be repaired manually and have to make use of reliable repairing software in order to repair corrupted video files.

Causes for damaged video file:

Video file header corruption: File header contains all the details of videos such as name, size, extension and date of creation. If the header gets corrupted due to any reason, then the video file will not be accessible.

Unreliable third party tools: There are many third party tools that are available for editing, changing resolution & extension of videos. Unfortunately many third party tools are unreliable and working on them may lead to damage of video files.

Unsupported media player: Media players are used to play videos and they support particular file formats. If you play video file in unsupported media player then there are chances of corruption of video file that intern cause inaccessible video.

Other reasons: Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are many other causes that are responsible for damage of video file. Some of them are due to interruption during transferring of video file, audio video sync, etc.

The most popular and reliable repairing software that is used throughout the world is Repair Video software. Using this software is safe because it opts for read only technique i.e. this software will only read the damaged video file and creates similar healthy video file without disturbing the original video file.

Significant features of Repair Video software:

  • Repair Video software repairs the damaged video file caused due to any reason in few simple steps, because it has user friendly interface and technical skills are not required to execute this software.
  • This video file repair software is available for different versions of Mac (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard) and Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) operating systems.
  • Preview option is available in demo version of this software for free of cost. You can repair damaged video files and preview the repaired video files but to save the repaired file you need to buy full version of this software.
  • If you need any assistance regarding this software or damaged video file then 24*7 technical support team is available.

How to Undelete OS X Data?

“I got deleted files from my Mac OS X unknowingly. It was important for me and so from that time I was trying to get back my lost files from Mac OS X, but it always results in fails. Firstly, I want to know whether recovery of deleted files can be performed or not? Is there any best way to get my deleted files back to the device? If it is available, please let e know about this because I will make use of it to recover deleted data from Mac OS X. Hope anyone might help me in this scenario, thanks in advance”

Hi, now it is possible for every user to get back lost r deleted files on any platform is due to the advancement in the technology. After hard working and deep scanning of the experts on this recovery module, they came out with an easy and simple way of recovering deleted files or lost files with ease that too on any desired platform in just few simple clicks. Now it is not so harder to get back lost files or deleted files as multiples software are available which can make your work easier and faster without much effort.undelete os x

Now the real task may face by the user that is there is plenty of software which can make an easy recovery of deleted files. There is chance that the user may get confuse while opting for software which is needed to select for recovering process. Here you need worry more because here I will help in selecting the appropriate software which can perform the complete action of recovery session. It is simple that multiples software contains demo version form knowing the performance of the software. In this some software get fails to recover deleted files.

So, in order to make your work much easier for recovering deleted files on Mac OS X, I will recommend you software named as Undelete OS X Software which is inbuilt with advanced features and new options are also added in this utility which can easily recover deleted files. It also provides preview of deleted files before recovering with the help its demo version. This software has the feature that this demo version is not costing even single rupee. With the help of its demo version, users can view the deleted or lost file. Click on this website and get the latest version of Undelete OS X  Software and get benefited with its new facilities. It is important for every single user to know in what cases files get deleted from MAC OS X as up to my knowledge there are several reasons for which files get deleted or lost from it so now before knowing more about this software, let us have some glance on the different scenarios in which files get deleted from the system.

Scenarios in which files get deleted or lost from the Mac OS X system:

  • When there is software conflicts which can make the file inaccessible because of this user may opt for deleting file and opt for data recovery software.
  • If any booting error takes place can make the changes in the behavior of the MAC OS X. It makes all your important files on Macintosh which is updated version of the Mac OS become inaccessible leading to serious data loss issue. The common cause behind this error may be missing boot sector, boot partition corruption, corrupt boot loader, damaged file system, operating system malfunction etc.
  • There is chance that system gets crashed and stops responding which may results in deletion of files from this due to this. So the users may also lose file due to this reason.

How to Customize the Images, Colors and Borders in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is an application which is designed and manufactured by Microsoft Corporation. This application is mainly used to customize and designed documents with images, colors, graphics animations and template themes. There’s just one problem everybody else has the same effects, animations, and template themes that you have. The last thing you want is to look unoriginal. Here’s how to make something unique that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Redesign an existing template:

Let’s start with a simple process of how to redesign an existing template with the images, colors and borers in PowerPoint.

  • First you go on menu option and select the existing slides.
  • Click format background on the design tab.
  • In the Format Background box, verify and select the ‘Picture or texture fill’ button.
  • Under ‘Insert picture from,’ click “Online” In the Insert Pictures dialog, type gradient designin the Bing Image Search box.
  • Highlight your selected image and clickInsert.
  • If you don’t like the selected image, click the Undo icon, press Ctrl+z, or clickReset Background at the bottom of the Format Background submenu.
  • From the Insert tab, clickShapes, then select a shape from the graphic shapes list.
  • Add or draw that shape onto the slide, then click the Drawing/Format tab.
  • Select a Shape Fill from the Shape Styles group, then clickGradient from the Colors menu
  • Choose a Gradient from the options menu or selectMore Options.
  • On the Format Shape submenu, clickGradient Fill, then make adjustments to the gradient on the Gradient Stops bar.

Design an Original Template:

For original templates, the sky’s the limit—but keep these guidelines in mind to avoid common design errors.

  • You can use public domain clip art, stock images, original art and/or photography, company logos and designs, or just create slides from the PowerPoint effects.
  • Simple is elegant: Too many design elements create clutter that competes with the slideshow’s message.
  • If your design background is limited, browse thru PowerPoint’s templates online for ideas.
  • Design a theme that matches the topic and your company’s corporate identity, not your personal preferences.
  • Create a color palette for your theme. Your company’s brand colors are good place to start.
  • Open a Blank Presentation. PowerPoint’s default is a blank white slide with two lines of text: Title and subtitle. Enter both, then select a font: typeface, size, and color.

More design tips:

  • You can use display fonts for titles, subtitles, headers, and subheads, but not when stacked. For example, if you use a display font for the title, use a san serif or milder font for the subtitle.
  • Continue by selecting a background color. In the Customize group under the Design tab, click Format Background. In the Format Background submenu, select Fill, then choose a color from the color palette
  • The image inserts at a reduced size. Notice that when it’s selected, the Ribbon menu displays a new tab (Picture) above the Format tab. Select this tab to display the Format/Picture menu. Next, click the handles around the picture and stretch down and over to fill the slide. If the image is disproportionate, oversize it, then use the Crop button to remove the excess
  • You can also click the up and down arrows in the Size group, or select the tiny menu options arrow in the bottom right corner of this group to display the Format Picture submenu. Use the options on this menu to size the image more precisely.
  • Next, select Send Backward> Send to Back from the Arrange group to move the image behind the text. Read more information about how to customize the Images, Colors and Borders in PowerPoint?

Simple Way to Restore Data from Memory Card

Memory card is a common type of flash memory media storage that contains one or more than one flash memory chips, other electrical components, a controller chip and the metal contacts in order to connect the memory card to the electronic device or card reader. Memory cards are also called as a flash memory card because they use flash memory to store large amount of data. Flash memory is a non-volatile memory, which holds the data even if the power is turned off. Flash memory cards are available in different formats like Secure Digital (SD) cards, Extreme Digital (XD) cards, Multimedia Cards (MMC), Compact Flash (CF) cards, Smart Media (SM) cards etc. Generally, memory cards are used for most of the applications and some flash memory cards are designed for specific uses. For example, professional flash memory cards and gaming flash memory cards are designed specifically for professional photographers and gaming consoles respectively. These types of memory cards are faster and durable than other types of consumer cards.


Flash memory cards do not contain moving parts, hence they are not susceptible for physical failures. But, they are not able to avoid data loss that occurs due to logical failures. Now, a common question arises like how to restore memory card data, which has been lost due to logical failures. Answer is simple, you just need to use Recover Memory Card tool to restore lost data from it.

Data stored in memory card can be transferred to your system via card reader. If you accidentally remove memory card from the card reader while transferring data than the file system of your memory card may get corrupted resulting in data loss. Because, when you connect memory card to computer, Operating system of your computer starts accessing the file system of memory card to access data from it. Abruptly removing memory card from the computer may interrupt the process and destroys allocation information of files in the file system. If allocation information of files is destroyed in file allocation table, then files stored in those particular locations becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss.


Sometimes, you may accidentally delete the data from memory card when it is connected to computer, resulting in loss of data. Because, when you delete data from memory card, it does not move to Recycle Bin instead it bypasses the Recycle Bin and such data you cannot restore from the Recycle Bin resulting in loss of data.

Therefore, while deleting any data from memory card makes sure that you are deleting data that is not important to you. Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to disconnect the memory card.
Recover Memory Card is one of the best utility that enables you to recover data from the memory cards that can be lost and accidentally deleted in any way. SD cards, XD cards, MMC, CF cards are the different types of memory cards supported by this utility. There are various manufacture brands supported by this program such as Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, etc. This application can also recover lost data from severely corrupted memory cards. You can download free demo version, where you can view list of recovered data before actual data restoration.

Finest Tool to Recover Files from System Partition

The hard drive can be divided as partitions where you can store any kind of data, which is basically created to store your data in a systematic manner. What will you do when your hard drive is corrupted? If it is corrupted, it indicates corruption of data leading to data loss. Use recovery tool for partition in case of data loss from file system conversion error, the sudden shutdown of the system because of power failure, etc. The application can be used to recover data from Alternate Data Stream from NTFS drive and it recovers data from compressed NTFS formatted drives. The tool performs deep scanning of hard drive to get back lost data from hard drive. In case of hard drive bad sector you can create a disk image on the hard drive and recover back data from hard drive bad sector. This tool identifies and recovers up to 300 file types, which includes documents, important files, etc.

Common Scenarios Resulting in Partition Loss are:

Hard Drive Bad Sector: Bad sector is nothing but a part of the hard drive which is covered with dust and fails to read the data stored in that specific space, which makes the data inaccessible for the user. Hence, it can become a scenario for data loss.

File System Corruption: In every computer file system manages storage of all the files. The file system can be corrupted because of a disturbance in changing of file system of a particular partition.

Unintentional Formatting: When you want to free some disk space then you start formatting the partitions having unwanted data but while doing this action there may be the chances of erasing the partitions containing important data. Hence, this would result in partition loss.

Fantastic Features of Recover Partition Tool:

  • This fantastic tool allows the user to recover partition or drive which may get affected by the bad sector.
  • This performs recovery of different hard drive brands such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Seagate, etc.
  • The widely used application can support Windows OS of different versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
  • It uses the Mac OS of different versions including Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, etc. with 64-bit Mac Operating System.
  • This tool is supportive to HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32 Mac volumes which performs thorough scanning to get back missing and erased data.
  • The utility supports different hard drive types like SATA, SCSI and IDE. It recovers removed data from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 arrays.
  • It allows you to recover data from partitioned or re-partitioned drives and re-formatted or formatted volumes.

The Simple Steps to Avoid Partition Loss are:

  • Keep updating antivirus to perform scanning of the drive.
  • Do not download any file from fake websites.

Follow Simple Steps to Recover Files using Hard Disk Recovery Utility

“Few days back I accidentally formatted the hard drive of my system, after which entire data get lost from it. I had stored lots of important files of my research study in it. Is there any software which can recover my lost files from my system hard drive?” 

Are you facing the same situations where you have lost your all files from system hard drive then don’t get panicked. You can make use of Hard Drive Recovery Utility which scans your entire system hard drive and easily recover your all files that are deleted or lost due to any reasons.

Reasons that are responsible for data loss from Hard Disk:

Accidental Deletion:  You may select important files and delete them using shift+ delete keys while previewing or performing any task on your system. As a result of which deleted files were not present either in a Recycle Bin or Trash as you will encounter with huge data loss.

Accidental Formatting: You may format the hard drive instead of formatting other external storage devices that are connected to your system.  Formatting means deletion of files from the drive which results in data loss.

Using Third Party Tools: When a file gets infected by virus due to any reasons then you will try to scan the system using updated antivirus program. During the scanning process antivirus detect that virus and delete severely infected files.

Virus Attacks: Viruses are the common reasons behind corruption of any files. During transferring of files or via internet, viruses may enter into your system. As a result of which virus may corrupt your files and makes your files inaccessible.

Other Reasons: File system corruption, bad sectors, software conflicts, improper shutdown, re-formatted hard drive, power outage, etc also leads to deletion or lost of files from system hard drive.

If you are facing above mentioned scenarios then don’t worry because most of the users think that after losing files from system hard drive, it is impossible to recover it. But the users are in misconception, they can recover the deleted or lost files from system hard drive using Hard Drive Recovery Utility software within few mouse clicks.

Precautions to be taken to avoid data loss from system hard drive:

  • Don’t use or stop using the drive after any data loss.
  • Use updated antivirus on your system to make it free from external threats like virus, malware, spyware, etc attack.

Features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility:

  • This software recovers accidentally deleted or lost files from hard drive like SATA, PATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.
  • Hard Disk Recovery Utility is capable of recovering files from system hard drive on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • The software supports hard drive recovery from various popular brands of hard drive such as Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, OCZ Technology, Maxtor, etc.
  • Preview option is the unique features which is present in demo version of the software. Users can view the recovered files using this option. If they are satisfied with the recovery results then they can activate the software to save the recovered results.
  • In case, the hard drive data gets inaccessible then this software has capability to restore files from it.