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How to Undelete Partition on Windows or Mac Machines?

Have you deleted your hard drive partition? Are you searching a reliable way to undelete hard drive partition? If yes, then just go through this article and easily perform data recovery from hard drive partition. After drive partition data deletion, people may like this deleted data have gone permanently from partition and cannot recover. But the recovery of this deleted data from hard drive partition can be done because after deletion of drive partition data, it is still present on the hard drive partition, only the pointer of which locates that data gets removed.

Data recovery from hard drive partition can be achieved by using an advanced program like Partition Undelete because there is no other way to restore data from drive partition. It is one of the highly suggested apps which have specially been developed for undeleting data from drive partitions. This tool has enough potential to retrieve lost or deleted data from hard drive partition by using simple few mouse clicks. Data deletion from drive partition can be done in any known or unknown ways such as accidental formatting, catalog file corruption, Windows Disk Management Utility failure, improper re-partitioning, file system conversion error, virus attack, etc.

Most common reason behind data deletion from hard drive partition:

Accidental Formatting: Behind the data deletion from hard drive partition, it is one of the most frequent reasons. During formatting storage device connected with the system, people may select wrongly drive instance of external drive and format it. This process erase the complete data present in the drive partition.

Virus Infection: Connecting any virus infected storage device with the system or downloading files from an untrusted website can also be a reason behind partition data deletion.

Bad Sectors: Damaged area of hard drive is known as bad sector. This area damaged due to improper uses of drive, power surge, or heating, etc. Due to increasing the number of bad sectors in hard drive partition, entire drive become unreachable by which people face data deletion issue.

In order to undelete data from hard drive partition which can be deleted in any way as mentation above, people can take the help of Partition Undelete tool. This software is available for both Windows and Mac based system and capable to restore data from hard drive partition very easily. It supports data recovery from drive partition which can support any file system such as FAT32, FAT16, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5 and HFSX. Partition Undelete application has been built by expert IT professionals by using advanced search algorithms which help in data recovery from partitions without any difficulty.

Partition Undelete software allows user to recover partition of hard drive data which can be manufactured by any world leading brand such as Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital and Buffalo. With the help of this ready to use program, people can also recover data from various other storage devices including pen drives, external USB drives, SSD, flash memory cards, SD cards, CF cards, iPods, Fire Wire drives, etc. This ready to use program is also capable to recover data from various hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. without any much difficulty.

Photo Recovery Software-Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures

Pictures are the most precious instance of the life. Generally, people capture their important moments which they want to keep forever. These beautiful moments can be their marriage party, birthday party, summer vacations, etc. People capture these moments by using digital camera or smartphones. These gadgets use memory cards to save captured images. These memory cards are small in size and have very large data storage capacity. In order to keep them forever, people transfer them to the system drive by using a data cable or card reader.

Beside it, sometimes, people face image deletion issues from their memory card. After facing such problems, people want to get back these images at any cost because these images can be their precious moments which cannot be captured again. Are you looking a solution to restore deleted photos? Do you want to perform deleted image recovery? If yes, then there is no need to worry because you can easily recover deleted images by utilizing advanced recovery software such as Recover Deleted Photo. It is one of the highly recommended app for recovering deleted pictures from storage devices.

This ready to use tool has developed with the help of advanced scanning algorithm which allow people to restore images from numerous data storage devices, such as memory stick, external hard drive, USB drive, SDHC, XD card, Secure Digital card, Pen Drive, Compact Flash card, etc. very easily. This software is enough capable to perform deleted image recovery from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, damaged or unreachable storage device. Before talking about some most common reasons behind the picture deletion from storage device let us discus some most frequent causes behind the image deletion:

Accidental Deletion: At the time of erasing few unwanted images from the cards, people may end up with wrongly selection of their precious images and delete them. This incorrect selection of image put them in a big trouble.

Virus Attacks: It is a small program which enters in memory card when the user connects it with the virus infected system. These viruses are specially developed for deleting the data keep in storage device. So if the device gets infected with the virus, there is a chance of image deletion from it.

Unexpected Formatting: During formatting other drive connected with the system, people select digital camera or memory card connected with the system and format it and face image deletion issue.

In order to restore deleted image which can be deleted in any ways as mentation above, people can take the help of Recover Deleted Photo application. With the help of this program, people can get back their deleted image which can be in any file format including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SR2, BMP, SRF, RAW, ORF, GIF, MRW, NEF, CRW, and CR2 easily. This app is also capable to retrieve deleted pictures from various hard drive types like SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc. This ready to use utility is capable to perform deleted photo recovery from camcorder and professional DSLR digital camera which can be manufactured by any brands including Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Canon Kodak, Olympus, Fujifilm, and Toshiba. Recover Deleted Photo program supports image recovery from all the latest versions of Mac and Windows based systems.

How to Repair a broken or Damaged Zip file?

What are ZIP files?

ZIP files are the compressed files in which of two or more files are associated in order to reduce the memory consumed by them. Mostly compression of files is done when there is a need of transferring the files through emails or when there is a need of enough free memory space. Large sized files will take large data to transfer and also it will take more time to transfer those files. By doing ZIP, you can save the time for transfer and also internet data will be saved.

The second use of ZIP files is there will be free enough memory in the hard drive, so that the free memory can be used for any other purpose. Most of the operating systems have in-built support for the ZIP files and also in-built option will be available to compress the files. Also ZIP files are used to have backup of the data by compressing the files. Unfortunately there are chances of ZIP files getting corrupted and if the ZIP files get corrupted then it will become inaccessible and it will be a loss for you.

How does the ZIP file get corrupt?

The main reason behind corruption of ZIP files is transfer of the large size of ZIP file in the local network or downloading form internet and it there is any interruption during this process. Once the ZIP file gets corrupted and if you try to open the file then you may get following error messages:

  • Bad CRC.
  • Cannot open file.
  • The archive is corrupted or damaged.
  • Unknown compression method, etc.

The other reason behind the corruption of ZIP file is due to using unreliable software to recover it, if it was deleted. So trying to recover the deleted ZIP files by using the unreliable recovery tool can cause the corruption of file.

How to repair the corrupt ZIP file?

If the ZIP file gets corrupted, there is no in-built fixing option in any operating system to repair corrupt ZIP files, so you need to opt for any ZIP repair tool. There are many tools available online, but selecting of a tool is very important because there are many unreliable tools and working on them may cause still more damage to the ZIP file.

In the current market, ZIP Repair Tool is the reliable tool that is capable of repairing the ZIP tool in an effective manner. You can repair the corrupt ZIP file that is up to 4GB in size and also the ZIP files that are stored on media storage can be repaired by using this software.

The unique feature of this software is, it adopts read only technique. That means this tool will not interrupt or disturb the ZIP file; instead it just reads the corrupt ZIP file and creates the healthy ZIP file.

Know About the Latest Brands of Laptops

Dell XPS 13


The Dell XPS 13 version consists a vibrant and a sharp 13-inch display with an 11-inch chassis. It is one of the compact and ultraportable devices. The Dell XPS is 2.7-pound in weight. The laptop also carries the fast performance. The processor of the laptop is Intel 6th Generation Core and SSD. The non-touch screen version of this laptop ends nearly after 12 hours on charge. It gives you plenty of endurance. Dell also sells the version with sharper and quad-HD touch display.


  • Compact chassis
  • Small
  • Touchpad
  • Great keyboard
  • Colorful display
  • Bright
  • Long battery life
  • Strong performance


Uncomfortably placed webcam

Lenovo Idea pad 100S

The price of Lenovo is at $200, the Idea pad 100S looks very attractive but it is cheap. The 11.6-inch Windows 10 laptop deals good quality, solid multitasking performance a bright screen and over 9 hours of the battery life. It even comes up with free year of the Office 365 Personal.


  • Pretty design
  • Long battery life
  • Large keys with solid feedback
  • Decent viewing angles


  • Keyboard flexes
  • Touchpad doesn’t have support gestures

Asus F555LA

The cost of Asus F555LA is just $375. It is 15-inch in size that provides full 1080p HD screen and a terrific sound. You will get the full number pad and numbers of ports. The Asus’s trademark concentric circle design consists of a Core i3 processor and the 4GB of RAM.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Strong speakers
  • 1080p screen


  • Bouncy keyboard
  • Display on the dim side

Free Download Corrupt MP4 Video File Repair Software

“Hi, I have an iPod with me which I am using from past several months. I had stored several repair-mp4-filesimportant MP4 video files in it. They were my favorite videos which I often prefer to watch and furthermore I collected them through various sources, after spending substantial amount of time on web. However, since last week those important MP4 videos are not playing on my iPod. I don’t know what has happened to them. I tried a lot to play them, but I failed every time. Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this concern? Any sort of assistance will be greatly appreciated.”

The above explained case is a very common problem faced by most of the iPod users. Well, don’t worry if you are facing such type of problem. Your MP4 video files might have been corrupted, they have to be repaired. Just make use of Repair MP4 software, which is very effective and most reliable tool for fixing damaged or corrupt MP video files. This tool has been designed by a team of well experienced software developers, and moreover it’s a most preferred tool for repairing MP4 video files. It has a simple user interface and the entire process of repairing is automated, you need to just follow directions and screen steps provided by the software. If you follow them, then within some moments you will be able to repair corrupt MP4 video file. In case you don’t understand the directions and if you feel difficulty to work with the app, then you can avail assistance from tech support professionals, who are there for you to help round the clock.

Common reasons that are responsible for corruption of MP4 video file:

Improper Handling: The memory card in which you have saved important MP4 video files must be handled with proper care. In case they are mishandled, then videos get corrupt and at last they become unplayable.

Virus Attack: If you connect your device  which you have stored the MP4 video files to virus infected computer for transferring media files, then along with media files virus will also gets into your device and you will not be able to recognize this thing. Once virus is entered, it will corrupt files that are residing in the device, after which all the files corrupted files become inaccessible and then MP4 cannot be played on your device.

Header Corruption: Header corruption is also one reason accounting for MP4 file to get corrupt. In fact header is a main element, which maintains all essential details of that MP4 video file. If header gets corrupted, then all the details will be lost and due to this reason MP4 cannot be played on your device.

No matter what the reason is behind MP4 file corruption. Repair MP4 software can easily and effectively fixes the MP4 video file, after which it can be played on your device in an easiest way.

Features of Repair MP4 software:

  • Repair MP4 software is a non destructive utility, which means this tool while repairing MP4 file never damages the original file, instead of that it first reads original MP4 file and then a new but healthy file is created by the app.
  • This amazing tool is capable of repairing MP4 files on all available versions of Mac OS such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard and Leopard.
  • This tool can also be used on different versions of Windows OS including Win Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
  • With the aid of this powerful repair utility, you can fix MP4 files on different storage devices such as pen drives, memory sticks , external hard disks, , memory cards, etc.
  • It’s a most reliable tool to fix MP4 cannot be played on iPod, since it is free from all sorts of malignant programs and viruses.
  • Apart from MP4 files, it also repairs corrupted MOV and M4V files.
  • You can check the demo version of this Repair MP4 software, if you feel satisfied with it then go for licensed version.

About SanDisk Connect- The Way to Skip the Apple Storage Tax


The appearance of the Connect is like a bulky standard thumb drive. Since the USB connecter is offset, the untethered cap goes on one way only. For a non included lanyard there is a hole, a Wi-Fi off-on switch on the side and a pinhole-size indicator light. From the App Store download the app to use the Connect with iOS devices.

Wireless_Stick_angle_top_left_closed-retinaA file system was not exposed by the iOS to the users, and there is a requirement of an app that interfaces to external storage. More than four hours the battery is supposed to be enabling of Wi-Fi streaming. Most of the users won’t watch movies for four hours, but it’s been a reasonable number.


On the store SanDisk has a number of apps and you need to be careful while initially downloading the apps. And you need to use it with Connect, the app will give you a link if you need a different version and it is pretty smooth.

The options to backup photos are included by the app, on the iPhone if you try the photo backup then it works as advertised. You need to plug it to a standard USB port, to use the Connect with a Mac or PC, also your battery will be charged. You need to make a note that the Connect has its own Wi-Fi network, while remaining on a second Wi-Fi network you can’t join it.


The movie is the main use for external storage, so you can load several dozen on the Connect. This is the reason you will feel hurt when the USB 2.0 connection is slow and you try to connect with my iPhone and iPad. You can play the file directly from the Connect or download to the device.

It is said by the SanDisk that, three devices can be supported by the Connect concurrently. In some devices you can’t try for three because the device may refuse to download the app due to the network problem. And the working of two iOS devices is very smooth. Without delay you can move the movie to any of its part, but the performance of three devices at a time is not smooth.

Advanced Tool To Recover Photos

SD_Cards.svgMemory card is one of the most commonly used data storage cards. It is used in numerous gadgets including digital camera, smart phones, MP3 player, etc. for saving the various data such as images, videos, musics, etc. These cards are very small in size and having large data storage capacity. Memory cards are nonvolatile in nature, it means after ejecting the card from the digital camera or other device data stored in it remain there until user does not remove them. It also allows users to erase the data save in it by using formatting it or using delete option. In market, there are a number of memory card manufacturing brands which offers large data storage as well as high data transferring capacity. Few of them are Transcend, SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, PNY, Strontium, Panasonic, Sony, etc. 

Beside these advanced features of memory card are also not free from data deletion or loss issue. Sometimes, people may encounter some image deletion or loss issue with their memory card. Photos saved in memory card gets deleted or lost in any known or unknown causes. After facing such picture deletion or loss issue, people want to get back to them at any cost. So to recover photos from memory card, people need to utilize an advanced third party app which helps them to restore images at it was previously. Advanced Photo Recovery application is one of the such efficient recovery program which helps users to get back images as it was previously in few mouse clicks. In order to know more about the photo recovery procedure and the features of this utility follow this page:

Before proceeding with the advanced features of this utility let us talk about some most frequent causes which may lead to photo deletion or lost memory card:

Accidentally Formatting: During formatting the other hard drive partition, by mistake if user select the memory card connected to the computer by using card reader or data cable, then it can lead to the complete picture deletion from memory card.

Unintentional Deletion: At the time of previewing images in digital camera, people may accidentally press delete all button, which may lead to entire photo deletion store in memory card.

Transfer Interruption: While transferring the images from digital camera to the computer or vice versa, people might disconnect the camera from the system. This process may result in permanent image deletion from memory cards along with the system.

Third party app: In order to scan the memory card with the help of any unreliable third party program can also be a reason behind picture deletion from from memory card.

Other Causes: Apart from above mentioned causes behind photo deletion from memory card there are some other reasons such as improper handling of cards, Virus infection, power surge, file system corruption, logical damage, etc. can also lead to photo deleted from memory card.

Whatever can be a cause behind picture deletion from memory card, people can easily recover photos with the help of Advanced Photo Recovery program. This application has been developed by highly expert IT professionals to recover photos from memory card which can be deleted or lost any any above maintained ways. Advanced Photo Recovery tool has built with powerful recovery algorithms to get back pictures which can be in any formats such as jpg, pic, bmp, tiff, gif, png, dng, nef, raw, cr2, etc. This application can be utilized to recover photos from various storage devices such as hard drives, external hard drives, pen drives, etc and also from various memory card types including Secure Digital card, XD card, Multimedia card, Compact Flash card, SDHC, SDXC, etc. easily.

Know How to Select Best MicroSD Card among All

MicroSD CardBefore knowing about the different MicroSD cards and their special features, I would like to tell the basic thing which MicroSD card will do. There is nothing new in that but need to say this as there is chance that new users may strike here to know about the MicroSD cards. As we all know the basic purpose of MicroSD card is to store the data as it acts like am storing device in which you can store files, folder, programs and many more and simply speaking it acts as an external storage device. It is much smaller in size but can be available in different memory space sizes. It can be use in the Smart Phones, IPod, media player and many storing devices wherever you find the availability of memory slots.

Now the real question arises in your mind now as how can you select MicroSD Card as there are numerous of cards available in the market. But if you are willing to buy an card, then you need to know specification before selecting the memory card for your device as some devices may not support all the different memory cards and there will be variety in their features. But whatever it may be the basic thing is same for all the MicroSD cards as to store the data. Let us have a look whether your device is compatible with the MicroSD card which you have buy?


Factors to be Consider for Selecting a Best MicroSD Card:

It is not so easy to say this whether your device supports the SD card which you have buy as you need to consider some factors such as the slots, size, capacity, speed, etc. These are some factors which you need to check for buying memory card for your device as this may help you in easy use of the card. To select the best one, you need to have more knowledge about the specifications of the SD card and which SD card is well supported to your device. If you come to know about these two things then it is much more for you to get the best memory card for your device. In addition to this information, if you still in dilemma of regarding the selection of the best MicroSD card among all others, then see the following requirements which I am mentioning below.

As if you are willing to buy a memory card then the first most things which you need to check it out is none other than the memory card capacity. As per your requirements of storage you need to select a memory card which has higher capacity so that it may be useful for you all the time.

If you have any requirements to install videos, software on the memory card, then it is much better if you have memory card which will have higher speed ability. Class 10 is the best memory card among other.