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About SanDisk Connect- The Way to Skip the Apple Storage Tax


The appearance of the Connect is like a bulky standard thumb drive. Since the USB connecter is offset, the untethered cap goes on one way only. For a non included lanyard there is a hole, a Wi-Fi off-on switch on the side and a pinhole-size indicator light. From the App Store download the app to use the Connect with iOS devices.

Wireless_Stick_angle_top_left_closed-retinaA file system was not exposed by the iOS to the users, and there is a requirement of an app that interfaces to external storage. More than four hours the battery is supposed to be enabling of Wi-Fi streaming. Most of the users won’t watch movies for four hours, but it’s been a reasonable number.


On the store SanDisk has a number of apps and you need to be careful while initially downloading the apps. And you need to use it with Connect, the app will give you a link if you need a different version and it is pretty smooth.

The options to backup photos are included by the app, on the iPhone if you try the photo backup then it works as advertised. You need to plug it to a standard USB port, to use the Connect with a Mac or PC, also your battery will be charged. You need to make a note that the Connect has its own Wi-Fi network, while remaining on a second Wi-Fi network you can’t join it.


The movie is the main use for external storage, so you can load several dozen on the Connect. This is the reason you will feel hurt when the USB 2.0 connection is slow and you try to connect with my iPhone and iPad. You can play the file directly from the Connect or download to the device.

It is said by the SanDisk that, three devices can be supported by the Connect concurrently. In some devices you can’t try for three because the device may refuse to download the app due to the network problem. And the working of two iOS devices is very smooth. Without delay you can move the movie to any of its part, but the performance of three devices at a time is not smooth.