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A smart software to recover lost partition on Mac

Formatting of hard disk is a procedure for preparing a hard drive or portable disk medium for storing digital information that’s user data. In numerous instances, the formatting function may also create a new file system. Formatting a disk for usage having an OS and its particular applications is classified into two levels. The formatting strategy, which performs the essential medium preparation, is frequently referred to as ‘low-level formatting’. The formatting process that involves generating of the new file system is usually referred back to the term ‘high level formatting’. In Macintosh PCs, the 2 processes are combined and the phrase “format” is thought to indicate a process when a new disk medium is entirely willing to store files. In contrary, formatting of a hard disk drive erases the previously stored files and folders. However, accidental formatting of Mac hard drive could lead to a loss of files on Mac system. Such situation, so that you can perform Mac partition recovery after formatting or recover data after reinstalling Mac, you must make use of a suitable Mac data recovery software.

Various circumstances where the loss of data on Mac system can happen as a result of formatting of hard drive are briefly explained below.

  • Accidental formatting of wrong volume: You’ll find situations when you wish to reinstall the Macintosh operating system plus this type of situation, it is important to reformat the existing Mac hard disk volumes. While formatting if you have accidentally formatted the incorrect volume this might lead to the loss of files. It’s also possible to find yourself formatting a partition on your own hard drive accidentally.
  • Formatting of removable volume: Suppose you may have connected the portable hard drive in your Mac computer through USB port and unintentionally format it by means of ‘Format’ command. However, this may lead to the loss of files.
  • Disk Utility: In Mac OS X, Disk Utility is often a multi-use utility for functioning with hard drives, disk images, and other magnetic medium. Disk Utility can be used to perform disk related tasks in Mac OS X which includes the subsequent functions.
  1. You can use this for removing, formatting, and partitioning hard disk volumes.
  2. To execute a function that repairs file systems and file permissions.
  3. To mount, create, and modify disk images.
  4. Manually take out removable media in case the other methods fail.

Consider if you’ve got accidentally deleted the volume in which important files have already been stored through the use of delete option provided in Disk Utility. Then the situation could potentially cause loosing of data. However, it is possible to perform Mac data recovery from deleted partition (volume).

Formatting erases the all files however you don’t need to to fret perhaps the backup is not available. The Mac file recovery software will help you to recover data after reinstalling Macintosh. This proficient Mac data recovery tool can also be used to recover lost partition on Mac. You can make utilization of this tool as a way to recover deleted or lost files from HFS+ and HFSX formatted Mac volumes. You can download the demo sort of it to comprehend software features.